The Bay Way [WWPC]

Son of a Beach has taken over the Which Way prompt, so thanks to him for hosting. Today my photos are from a fun day in San Francisco with my eldest, back in 2011.

Me pooping out on the way up to Coit Tower.

My daughter figuring out where we should go next. A little rain on the roads didn’t stop us from enjoying our time together.

The helpful map.

Yikes! I don’t wanna go that way! Bridges are scary.

Left or right? Decisions, decisions…

9 responses to “The Bay Way [WWPC]

  1. This kind of reminds me of a game I play with my kids called “Left, Right, or Straight?” Anyone can yell that out to begin the game. Take turns deciding which direction. Usually use the end of a song or the arrival of an intersection to prompt the next move. Great game for a casual, lazy Sunday. Never know where you might end up. Unrelated, by I REALLY miss you on facebook. I know, I’ve said it before. But thought you might like to know you are sorely missed.

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  2. i like exploring with my eldest daughter too, she has the same sense of fun as me. Love the photos and your story

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  3. Love that giant lobster thingy!


  4. I want to go on the crokedest street…as long as it is flat!


  5. Why is the crooked street intersecting with Russian Hill? Deja now…😢


  6. Love these! Looks like a terrific day, in spite of the rain. Thanks so much for joining in. Nice to meet you. 😊

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