MP15: Searching

I saw Searching today at Metro Pointe, not an E-ticket theater. What an ordeal it is to see a movie now with Movie Pass ~ I do sympathize with peeps who have given up and canceled the service. Even at the E-ticket theater, it’s a daily crapshoot to check out what shows MP will allow, and that might change before evening. Best not to make plans with people! Luckily, I mostly don’t. Thing is, three movies per month for ten bucks is still a great deal and I hate to give that up.

***Spoilers for Searching***

This movie is a classic mystery. A man’s daughter goes missing and he feels the police aren’t doing enough, so he tracks some leads himself. He (and we) are led down various paths in such a way that we start going omg aha! Only to be proven wrong once again. Believe nothing.

And that’s today in a nutshell: we don’t know who to trust, what to believe. It’s so easy to create fake identities. To steal ID’s. It’s so easy to spy on people. Only the most technologically adept know how to take advanced precautions.

I feel unsettled from this movie. It reminds me of something I’ve believed for quite a while: that I disagree with the concept of online anonymity. Everyone should be required to be a “real person,” locatable by name and city, and an adult. I know many disagree, which is fine. Some will say this would put a damper on free speech, but so does the presence of vicious anonymous trolls. So, take your pick. I’d rather have an internet without the anonymous harassers and stalkers, scammers and ID stealers, if I got to choose.

But I don’t get to choose and things get worse all the time. I can’t imagine what I would do if I had little kids today ~ I would not want them anywhere near the internet. Of course, that is an unrealistic position.

I don’t know what to tell you about Searching. Did I like this movie? Honestly… not that much. It started out very slow, almost annoyingly so, and the part with the mom was unbearably predictable. I can appreciate why they set up all the tech the way they did, but repeated texting on the big screen just isn’t compelling. I loved the dad’s character, but he seemed too naive and unsophisticated for a Silicon Valley guy. I’ll just leave it at that, to not give too much away. 🙂

3 responses to “MP15: Searching

  1. I agree about anonymity. Stand up and be counted is how I feel it should be. My kids are adults now but I do have grandchildren. I don’e envy my daughter having to deal with that stuff.

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  2. I saw it yesterday, and it was better than the bad reviews it has got from professional movie critics. Because of the reviews I thought the only reason to watch it would be to compare it with some novels which are told entirely through diaries and newspaper extracts. I was happy that it also had a story with enough red herrings to keep it going till the end.

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  3. “Unsettled” is a good word to use to describe how this movie might make you feel. I saw the movie too, and that’s how I felt. I think the movie was well put together, but after it was over, I wished I hadn’t seen it.

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