Here’s The Thing…

I get bored easily. And while I would say my bar for suspension of disbelief is relatively generous, it definitely exists, and once it snaps, we’re done. Last night, I finished S5 of Monk and then watched the final two eps of S8. I just couldn’t take any more of the preposterous plots. (Not that the finale itself wasn’t beyond absurd.)

While I liked the Natalie assistant more than the Sharona assistant, I think the shows were better with Sharona. Idk if this was due to the acting talents of Bitty Schram or the fact that the writing was fresher overall, but regardless that’s my opinion. Sharona sometimes annoyed me, it’s true, and Natalie didn’t, but maybe that’s simply because Natalie was so much blander. I also thought the Captain’s divorce was a cheap writing device. Like damn we’re running out of ideas… we gotta get someone pregnant or divorced. Sorry Leland, your wife’s gotta go. They didn’t even bother coming up with a reason! The reason was he “didn’t know why” she was filing. Dumb.

I’m sad though, since I love Monk, the protag, and I thought the first two seasons were fab. He deserved every episode to be great, not stupid like getting amnesia (another cheap device) and ending up in Wyoming or that absolutely idiotic one with the shock jock and the dog. Omg and that ridiculous thing with the excon befriending him just to steal a postcard out of his mail. That may have been the worst.

I’ll miss my brief fling with this show. While I’m nowhere near the Monk level of OCD, I found much to relate to and smile about.

8 responses to “Here’s The Thing…

  1. I got turned on to Monk during one of those marathon every episode 24/7 sessions those networks do right before a season finally type of thinger. Not sure how many episodes I missed while I slept, etc..

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  2. I loved Monk. I liked Sharona better even though she was annoying!

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  3. Would you say that Monk was a blessing and a curse?

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  4. There are very few series I’ve loved from start to finish. Off-hand, “M*A*S*H”, “Leverage” and “Numb3rs”. With everything else, there are annoying sub-plots, or confusing reshuffling of the cast, or a story arc that loses me. If a new season starts and I’m not devastated at having missed the first new episodes, well, then I know it’s not true love and I may not actually bother going back to it.

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    • Haven’t seen any of Leverage or Numb3rs, will check out. I watched the Sopranos three times, so I think that was true luv (first go-round I missed a few). I was GLUED to every ep of Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under, but I don’t want to rewatch either one. And of course Game of Thrones is the ultimate.

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  5. I liked Sharona better also. I stopped watching maybe 3 seasons in. The assistant to the chief had a Barney Fife ishness to him that was annoying. I think as I get older these shows lose their freshness. We have seen so many of these plot twists. Back when we were tweens watching Colombo, we didn’t recognize the guest actors. Now when I recognize the guest actor I can pretty safely guess who dunnit.

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