Teal, Aqua, Seafoam, Turquoise [CFFC]

Welcome to another one of Cee’s fun foto challenges! This challenge is in the color series, and since it happens to focus on my fave section of the wheel, I have quite a few pics to choose from.

Cousins at a teal table, Scarsdale NY, 1996.

Jellies in aqua, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach CA, 2016.

Seafoam in here somewhere, Crystal Cove, Newport Beach CA, 2016.

Car selfie 2015, turquoise sweater, turquoise necklace ~ two for Tuesday!

Plz note crooked glasses, proving I’m not totally OCD or I couldn’t have kept this pic. In fact, the entire photo is slanted and off-center, but not artistically, which isn’t bugging me at all, nopey nope. Will not give it another thought…

8 responses to “Teal, Aqua, Seafoam, Turquoise [CFFC]

  1. Beautiful photos!

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  2. I like the turquoise sweater…

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  3. All these photos are lovely. And you look great in aqua! It’s one of my favorite colors.

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  4. Wonderful entry for this week. Thanks for playing. 😀

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