Keep it super simple. What’s with these recipes lately? If I see a list of ingredients that go on like freaking War & Peace, and/or obscure items like lavender feather sage gathered at midnight under a full moon on the edge of the fairy cove, I’m gonna pass.

I actually have very childish food prefs, which is why I’ll make a great grandma. I love macaroni and cheese, first of all. It’s like the best thing ever. Put veggies in it, or not, I don’t care. Actually, I love it with mushrooms and green beans. Once I made it with tomatoes and that was delicious.

Pizza is fab food too. And I’m not a purist: I’ll take NY or Chicago, or even that weird cornbread crust stuff up in San Francisco. Don’t roll your eyes ~ it’s yummy!

PB&J? Bring it on. Peanut butter cookies are the best ~ I give ’em an edge over choc chip. Yep. My friend Peggy has the best PBC recipe in her cookbook, which hopefully she will post the link to in comments. But all cookies are good and brownies too.

Tacos. Spaghetti. Egg salad. Grilled cheese! I do not need fancy food. But I will try new recipes if they aren’t ridiculous.

21 responses to “KISS

  1. “lavender feather sage gathered at midnight under a full moon on the edge of the fairy cove” haha, this is perfect!

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  2. My oldest granddaughter won’t touch PB&J. And she’s picky about other things kids usually like, too. Her sister makes up for it, though. She’ll eat just about anything. And she loves salad!

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  3. Once I had to fast for three days and my wife said when it was over she would make me anything for dinner that I wanted. Very weirdly, I asked for tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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  4. I realize I’m not a cook. I no longer bother with recipes that require a spice I will buy and use only once because I don’t understand what else I can do with it. If I can’t make it with salt and pepper or cinnamon, it’s not getting made.

    Also: Haven’t heard that version of KISS before. I know Keep It Short & Sweet and Keep It Simple, Stupid (original flavor and still my fave 😉 ).

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  5. This post is fabulous! And I agree about long, involved recipes. If the list of ingredients covers three shopping lists and necessitates visits to seven stores and an exotic onion farm, forget it.

    I can’t post a link to my cookbook because I don’t have a web site anymore to display it online.

    But I’m glad you still like my recipe better than anyone else’s. mmmWAH!

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  6. If I have to spend hours to create a meal, i just won’t bother. Also, stupid “send” button too close to finger. 😆

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  7. Oh, M&C with tomatoes is yummy! First time I tried it, I was having dinner at a coworker’s house (this guy was a piece of work, but that’s another story). His wife was fabulous and made a lovely dinner, and the best part was her mac and cheese. She had added small tomato chunks and then put thin slices on top, right under the buttered crumbs. Best mac and cheese I ever had.
    Yes, I’m afraid the whole artisan movement has gone over the top. Now even chain restaurants are adding wording to their menus to make them sound more in line with it. Hah. Same old stuff with a new foo-foo name and, oh, higher menu price!
    I do like lots of cuisines and had Korean last night. Bibimbap with a nice runny egg on top. This belongs there. Runny eggs do NOT belong on every dang thing, though, which is another trend in the artsy-fartsy foodie trend. I don’t want a damn egg on my burger.
    So, I am mostly with you on this, unless you’re talking specific traditions in cuisines other than “American Pub Fare.” hah!

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  8. I tried to comment via wordpress but I can’t sign in! AAARGH.

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