Good News

On this auspicious day, when a swollen ego got knocked off the major platforms of play and had to take his nasty ball of hate away, I mark the occasion with a resplendent hip hip hooray!

Free speech? Sure, if you’re not promoting violence and inciting spirals of real-world bullying and harm, slandering folks, etc. I hope this ushers in a new era when people are held to TOS all around. I realize it’s a huge task, but there was a time when, forex, Facebook required “real names” and it wasn’t so easy for bots to flood in with fake emails. It wouldn’t be that hard to require a ping to a credit card and location coordinates before allowing a new account.

But of course if all you care about is making a billion bucks a minute then you will only pretend to be concerned about security. That’s another issue. We can still be happy that Conspiracy Dude got kicked off the sites. Rah!

Double rah! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

8 responses to “Good News

  1. Hah! If Facebook had wanted my CC info I’d never have joined!

    Wait a minute…


  2. I little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary world.
    “And something is happening here but you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mr. Jones?”

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  3. There was the insufferable and probably truly evil small town bully in a small town in Missouri who was mysteriously shot and killed and absolutely everyone in the town saw nothing, had no idea what happened, sorry, good luck with the investigation, though. To which the investigators replied, Oh, OK, thanks, we’re done here anyway. Bye.
    By which I mean, sometimes, community standards trump the literal word of the law. Maybe not often enough. But, you know, slippery slope and all that.

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  4. I’m with you, m’dear. Conspiracy theory-spreading shit stirrers need to be stopped, and this one is the worst of the worst. Kudos to the platforms with the guts to do something.

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    • Denying people’s grief and the right to publicly mourn, while encouraging others to bully them is hate speech and I’m just glad it’s finally being thrown off the platforms. Europe has the sense to ban Holocaust deniers too, or they used to.

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  5. It’s a slippery slope to take other’s right to free speech away no matter how off the wall they are. Actual death threats and real hate speech I don’t agree with. Idiots talking is a good thing, how else do you find out who the crazy people are? I actually got a bumper sticker years ago from the ACLU that says, “If we don’t protect freedom of speech, how will we know who the aholes are?” I would put it on my care but it spells out aholes, so no. Though I’m conservative myself I am not one of his fans. I can’t stand alt-right or left crazies.


    • The government isn’t shutting him down, which is what the right is about. Any one of us can get tossed off social media for engaging in hate speech, which is what he does. It’s a violation of every TOS. But they’ve been ignoring it since he’s a big player. Finally, they’re doing the right thing. If an individual got reported for the stuff he does, we’d already be gone.

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