Travel Musings

In theory, I’d love to travel to a bunch of cool places ~ England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Israel, etc. ~ but practicalities always quench my wanderlust. First, the cost. Second, the time. Third, my migraines. It’s not only long plane flights that mess with my head, but everything about changes in my environment ~ food, sleep, weather, etc. ~ are pain triggers as well. I also don’t like to leave my furbaby. Right now, it’s an emotional challenge for me to go away for more than two nights in a row, but luckily I have a trusted friend to come over and take care of Gatsby.

I thought I had blogged about my idea for a post-retirement (and post-kitty) epic U.S. trip, but apparently I only discussed it on Facebook. My previous plan was to take train rides from the Pacific Northwest across the country. I’d see Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, etc.; then onto Chicago, Philly, and NYC; up to Boston, Vermont, NH, and Maine; down to DC, Nashville, Atlanta, and New Orleans; over to New Mexico and Utah; smoosh Yellowstone in there somewhere… basically see lots of new places, plus old friends (and meet friends in person with whom I’ve been corresponding for decades). But I’m not sure this is a good plan any longer, given the state of railroads these days. Dunno if I want to drive thousands and thousands of miles alone when I’m old, but…

I have this fantasy that after I retire (and after my kitty has rainbow-bridged), I could get rid of most of my stuff and do this epic trip in a comfy vehicle. But still… so much driving! Oww, my neck hurts just thinking about it. After the trip is over (three-four months, who knows?), I could figure out where to resettle in California, in a less expensive area away from the coast.

Be nice to visit Canada at some point too. That reminds me: I still haven’t bothered to get a passport after all that fuss to finally obtain my birth certificate. Yes, I am legal! I know, it was iffy there for a while, lol. But all this road-trippin’ is only a fantasy. It’s not like this crazy vacay would be cheap ~ I’d need to stay in a lot of motels and buy a lot of snadwiches. Not to mention gas!

The furthest I ever go these days is the Bay Area, which luckily is fabulous, and not only because my awesome daughter lives there with her awesome fiance and their awesome puppy. But mostly because of that. 😍

15 responses to “Travel Musings

  1. Well, the obvious solution to avoid hotel and restaurant costs is to do the trip in an RV and learn to cook. And don’t forget to pass through Albuquerque!

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  2. Wait, you’re an American citizen? I’m not so sure. That BC is probably doctored (ha! See what I did there?).

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  3. PS: Would love to see the US by train. Just as fast as a Grandma’s Buick but more neck-friendly.

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  4. Well if the sun doesn’t shine soon in the Bay Area you will want to go somewhere else. Oh which Bay Area. SF
    Carol in Albany

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    • Haha, San Francisco! Going this month 😀


      • Cool! (Probably literally.) I’ll be in Northern California in a couple of weeks, but I won’t make it to San Francisco for awhile.
        I was talking to a guy yesterday who said he’d been to the Bay Area frequently, and he kept referring to “San Fran.” I kind of wanted to slap him upside the head, but at least he didn’t say “Frisco.”
        Speaking of geographic nomenclature fox paws, if, in your travels, you’re ever in Kansas City, remember most of it is in Missouri, not Kansas. The best way to avoid this idiomatic land mine it to just steer clear of the whole thing and go to LA via Omaha, as the song says.

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  5. Sounds like it would be so much fun to travel across the country. We’d never do it, though, for all the same reasons…money, cat, age, etc. We did enough traveling while the mister was in the Army, so I’m happy staying home, now. 🙂

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  6. Before you seriously consider a cross-country train ride, read this:

    That said, the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver across the Canadian Rockies is nothing short of spectacular.

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  7. Don’t give up on this, even with the threat of headaches. You could do some of the western half by short train trips and fly out to the east coast and hop around. I love to travel and want to see places I’ve never seen in my own country, but I, too, want to see Scotland, Ireland, and England, with a trip to Germany and France, too. I’ve been to Switzerland, which is divine.But once I reach “a certain age” it’s going to be impractical and more difficult to do so.

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