Regarding the Discover Option [rant]

The “Discover” new blogs button isn’t unique to the WordPress app, of course ~ we can access it from our WP browser menu as well. I’ve clicked on it a few times over the years. And every time I exit in disgust a minute later. Why? I’ll tell you why!

Those blogs featured under Discover don’t need to be discovered cuz they’re already discovered AF. They have 500-700 likes already on the poasts we’re supposed to believe are new and interesting. Hey, let’s all discover The New York Times! Whoa. Bet we never thought of reading Newsweek or CNN. Hey, how about that obscure People magazine… bet they need some readers.

Feh. I would like to discover more blogs that have small readerships (like ahem mine) in order to help them grow. Talking about fun, interesting personal blogs for the most part, not those other kind. This is a major reason why I enjoy the games and prompts ~ they help me find new blogs to follow.

Big shout-out to the bloggers who have taken the time to start and maintain the prompts: Fandango, the WOTD group, Flash Fiction, et al. I plan to participate even more in these and other prompts because (1) they’re fun, (2) it’s cool to see the creative ideas others come up with, and (3) they provide a good avenue to find new blogs.

But I won’t be clicking on WP Discover again!

9 responses to “Regarding the Discover Option [rant]

  1. You may or may not know about the Google search method where you type something in, followed by a space, then (or any domain name) and results will be only from that domain–in this case, WordPress blogs. has no such button, but the old “next blog” button was pretty much fraught with peril.

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    • Sweet! I can do that within the domain itself too, though much of my time is taken up with reading the great poasts already in my feed. But it’s a good reminder.

      I remember “next blog.” Lol, what a crapshoot.

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      • Remember how STUPID “next blog” was? After a few clicks, you’d get a blog in Japanese or Farsi or something, and from then on, all the next blogs would be in that language. That is if you didn’t land on a pron site which immediately downloaded some sort of weird virus where the only cure was passing large magnets back and forth over your hard drive.

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      • Gahhh yes! Then there was Friday 5, which is how I found Fark Barflegun, or wev his name was.


  2. I always thought those blogs were after clicks so they could get sponsors.

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  3. You raised some very valid points. Last time I used the Discover button was a while back but I remember seeing that most of the “recommended” blogs were moderaters on WordPress. Quite the turn off.

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  4. I’m with you Paula, the featured were already well supported, only a few were beginners.

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