Age > Abundance

Summer is the season of plenty! From all the juicy ripe fruits available at the market to the plethora of outdoor concerts, there’s abundant deliciousness and fun to be had on a daily basis.

And yet… and yet… I find myself just as tired after work when the evening is warm and lovely as when it was dark and cold. I still don’t feel like doing much except going home to my sweet kitty and reading or watching a movie on Prime.

On weekends? Well, the weather may be perfect for the beach or a BBQ, but I still have to do laundry, dust, vacuum, grocery shop, etc., just the same as I did back in January. Gatsby’s litterbox does not take a summer vacay, unfortunately.

If I were a decade or three younger and single, I’m sure I’d be enjoying this great SoCal summer abundance ~ in fact, I can vaguely remember doing just that when I first moved out here in the 1980s. But, alas, I am old. Age > abundance.

7 responses to “Age > Abundance

  1. When I see daylight after 8 pm in the summer, I often think back to childhood, when I was so happy to be able to stay outside and play.

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  2. We’ve got daylight until 9:30pm but it has been too hot for me. We have had weeks of hot temperatures and I just can’t sleep in it. Today is cooler and we are supposed to be getting the first rain for 6 weeks. Fingers crossed.
    I hope you have some lovely ME Time. Nothing better. 🙂

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  3. The weather is excellent here on the Mediterranean as well!

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  4. Keep on writing, great job!

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