I just downloaded the WordPress app and so far it seems fabulous! They’ve really improved it since I tried it a zillion years ago. It takes a lot of motivation for me to deviate from my habits, so this is a big deal, blogging from an app. Truth be told, I’m a bit resistant to apps in general, misliking the idea of cluttering up my phone with icons. Why can’t I just use my browser? But this WP app is very nice. Very nice indeed. Of course, now I’ll need to d/l more apps to even out the row, but never mind that.

My motivation is partly due to the fact that blogging from a phone browser is rather clunky, and while I have a semi-solution in my old Kindle Fire, it’s still imperfect. (Hard to access media from there.) Also, I like using one device. I already have a sweet Kindle for reading and the Fire is pure backup, which I like to keep at home.

Isn’t this fascinating? I thought my fans would be enthralled with an OCD data dump.

I’m feeling good about all the things I’ve abandoned along the path toward enlightenment, or death, whichever comes first ~ husbands, real estate, dating sites, Facebook, fiction writing, and thigh highs. Thank gawd I never have to wear stupid thigh highs again! What a dumb invention.

Oh, and sushi. Blech!

7 responses to “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Do you thumb-type everything on the phone or do you have a detachable keyboard? Asking for a friend who is unnaturally attached to touch typing.

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  2. How do you find the patience???

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  3. I couldn’t use a small techie device like a smart phone or a e-reader as my primary writing tool. My eyes would rebel and my hands would give up. In fact, I had trouble with my iPad when I had one. However, I hope your newfound system works for you because it sounds most efficient… which is a concept I adore.

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    • Thanks! The app is great for reading and keeping track of notifications ~ at least in the past day it’s appeared vastly superior to my old methods. But nothing beats a real keyboard for actual typing of poasts. Hopefully I’ll get something soon.

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