Sanctimonious moon–
Why so judgmental?
I know where you’ve been;
I know who you’ve seen.
Leave me to the poverty
Of stars, already dead,
Burned out like my heart.
Slide under the lace
Canopy of clouds,
Safe swath of lingerie.
Don’t frown your face
At me tonight–
I’m in no mood for a scolding
By an obtuse hunk of rock
Who didn’t have the sense
To stay married to the earth.
Oh ho! Didn’t think I knew
About that, did you?
Shock. Go now, leave me
To my nightmare,
My galloping dream of doom,
Urging me past the milestones
Along the racetrack to ruin.


Thank you prompters! 🙂

12 responses to “Moonwatch

  1. The effects of a strawberry moon.

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  2. I read this twice, I just had to.

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  3. The moon and I have a long and complex relationship. This one, as much as any.

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  4. Stunning.

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  5. That’s very good. Didn’t expect that, did you?

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  6. I like the phrase: “Leave me to the poverty of stars, already dead”

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  7. The ending resonates with me: “Go now, leave me/To my nightmare,/ My galloping dream of doom/ Urging me past the milestones/ Along the racetrack to ruin.” I find the idea interesting, whether a dream or metaphor for life, of a race that has an ending place, but the end is the same as the beginning. Also, we usually think of making milestones as good and moving us toward a goal, but this is another way to look at it. We like to think our path is unique, so here is the nightmare that we don’t choose our path and our milestones are everyone else’s as well?

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    • I didn’t think of that! I was more thinking of ending in the same place over & over every time we try to race away. But yeah, so cool when the reader brings in more. 🙂


  8. Very good poem, good read. I am going to reblog this one for you.

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