Meow Movie

I’m not obsessed with my cat. Seriously! I was just about to start writing a pome using today’s prompt words, something about my broken heart and trees in a storm or some effing thing yada, but then I saw I had a Google alert and scampered over there to check it out. They had made me a movie. But not just any movie ~ they took all the photos of Gatsby and collaged them together with music and meows and it is The Best Thing Ever.

LOOK AT THIS. IS IT NOT THE BEST MOST ADORABLE WONDERFUL MOVIE THAT EVER WAS?!?! I was so sad today and now I am floating. ❤ ❤

(Click to follow the link and then again to biggify and play.)

Okay, maybe I’m a little obsessed with him. But he is my soulkitty. ^..^

9 responses to “Meow Movie

  1. Very nice! Google never made me a movie. Maybe I have to delete my Facebook account first.

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  2. Now I’m wondering if I should use Google photos more. I probably would if I had a cat as adorable as yours! Gatsby is worth obsessing over.

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  3. Oh, how ADORABLE!! ❤️😻😺❤️

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  4. Definitely not your average cat! I miss my critters…

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  5. Oh, the happiness! Too see many photos of Gatsby is a blast.

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