Shamelessly mirroring one of the blogs I follow, I’m going to combine prompts in a wild menagerie.

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Last night I was riveted to Twitter as I followed the saga of #MPRRACCOON. If you’ve been away from the news, this was about a plucky lil “trash panda” who got trapped on the ledge of an office building in St. Paul, MN, and when some workers tried to rescue her, she scampered onto the UBS tower next door and started climbing up up up. Now, some of you may remember the story I poasted a while back of a raccoon who killed one of our parking lot cats. Since then, I’ve not had a favorable view of the creatures. But all that changed yesterday as I (along with loads of other folks) rooted for the Twin Cities bandit to make it through her ordeal safely. We held our collective breath as she began to climb again, hoping she wouldn’t plummet to the ground. She stopped, went down, and seemed to be done for the night. I went to bed not knowing her fate and checked Twitter as soon as I woke this morning, so happy to see she had made it to the roof!

Speaking of buildings, the other night I had a very weird dream. I was in a house with my daughter and we couldn’t find our cats. So, naturally we decided we needed to look in our other house. I love that in my dreams I have not only one, but two houses! Yay me. We walked outside into the snow ~ apparently it was normal for there to be snow in southern California, but it wasn’t that cold. We didn’t have coats on and just tramped through the snow in our regular shoes. Crunch, crunch. We did remark on it, like oh yeah, it snows now ever since the something. I wish I could remember what “the something” was in my dream. I’m sure it was important. Anyway. We entered house number two, and there were the kitties. But inside this house everything was all snowy. I guess roof construction hadn’t caught up with “the something” yet.

The most vivid dream I ever had was when I was around 7 years old. I was at the zoo and a wolf either got loose from an exhibit or I entered his cage by mistake. He trapped me in a corner and ripped out my throat and I died. I know you’re not supposed to die in dreams, but I did. Then I woke up and had strep throat. This is not to bash wolves. I have huge respect for them and wildlife in general.

That’s it for the prompts, except one, and nope I am not introducing zoobloggery to my repertoire here ~ it’s just a coinkydink that all the snippets have to do with aminals this time. Soon we will be back to noodling about movies, food, and migraines, patting myself on the back again for leaving Facebook and dating sites, whining about writing, etc. You know, all the topics that make this blog so darned irresistible to fans everywhere. Until then… mwah!

9 responses to “Menagerie

  1. Spiderman raccoon has been a nice distraction from all the other soul-crushing stuff in the news.

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  2. Thanks for letting me know the fate of that raccoon as I did hear about it climbing the building yesterday.

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  3. As with you, one of the local raccoons ate a couple of our kittens on the front porch one night (which involved a largish amount of noisy horrible shit) and would not be dissuaded until I pulled a pistol and turned him into an ex-raccoon, after which I had to put down the mangled kittens. Smart, vicious, high-breeding, more invasive than a New York sewer rat, with a high-percentage rabies problem, I kill them every time I find one. Them cute little furry bandit masks don’t impress me — I’ve known since childhood that cutsey-pie Bambi-grade Disney-animals are most often a crock, a lesson periodically and hilariously learned by dumbasses getting a new asshole gored into them by Cute Buffalo in Yellowstone, or eaten by Cuddly Balloo Bear in Glacier. I again have a couple of newish kittens on the BACK porch, and the other night I looked out to see them with their hair all on end watching a giganto male raccoon eat their food, hissing at them to keep them back. The gunshot scared the crap out of them, but they’ll be back. The raccoon won’t. So, the score so far this week: Climbing Raccoon: 1 — Porch Raccoon: 0..

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  4. Raccoon! Bah. Fat rats in masks. Garbage thieves. Sewer-dwelling rabies incubators. Did I say Bah?

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  5. I love happy endings!

    When we lived in Florida, our house backed up to a natural reserve and we would see a lot of raccoons. They got into our screened back porch and made a real mess of it. They’re cute to look at but destructive little scoundrels.

    Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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