Misty Memories


It’s fitting on this last day of the Daily Prompt, which is retrospective, that I take a look back through the mists of time to the beginning of my blogging experience.

I started on a whim in September 2003 with Ultrablog, since my fellow writers from Usenet seemed to be jumping in. The name came about because my Usenet handle was Ultraviolet and I tried to stick with a purple motif, though the details changed. I had butterflies and various templates on blogger, and then I bought my domain ~ and I even purchased an artsy template once when I had loads of hits per day. I never monetized any of my blogs however. Too much work.

My Ultrablog topics ran the gamut. Opining on funny pieces of news, poasting about aminals, sharing family events & pics, mocking things I found online, offering up Sunday word games for fans, etc. I jabbered fairly frequently about writing and my writing progress, or the lack thereof. I was fairly open in calling out people who could have recognized themselves in my takedowns, but mostly I sailed through okay.

But I got into a flamewar over pitb*lls, which became insane, and I wanted to delete those poasts and some comment threads. I ended up ruining my comment numbering system and couldn’t get it right again. This drove me bananas. I decided it was time to archive Ultrablog and start a new, lighter blog with no flaming.

Thus was born Cats, Cupcakes & Shooze, the most boring blog in Blogville. It didn’t last long, maybe a year, and I didn’t even bother archiving it. Around the same time, my mom was dying, so I began a private blog to record my thoughts and feelings about the situation, and to get support from close friends. I still have that blog archived.

For around a year or so, I was blogless. IKR? But I was in a relationship I couldn’t talk about, going thru a divorce, still upset about my mom, etc., and it seemed pointless to start another blog when I’d have to self-censor about so many topics. I was very careful on all the other social media too. But ultimately I missed blogging too much and revved up this WordPress account and my domain name.

At first, I poasted only poetry, song lyrics, book reviews, cupcakes pics, etc. But then in the summer of 2011 my divorce became final, and a few months later my unspeakable romantic relationship crashed. After that, I felt freer to poast as I pleased, with very few limits. That said, I frequently delete poasts I don’t like having around, but that’s my own choice. Only once I deleted a few poasts upon request.

People gravitate to personal stories ~ I know I do. That’s how we connect with strangers on the internet, by glimpses into each other’s lives, shared interests, mutual points of caring. I don’t want to read some blogger’s opinion on the news headlines. Boring! I said this all the time on Facebook ~ why are you peeps regurgitating CNN at me? I know how to read the news. I’d rather hear about a fun new restaurant you found or something cute your dog did, or even that you stubbed your toe, so I can offer sympathy.

I always tell myself to poast more about writing and read serious writers, but I enjoy so many things that I keep adding “non-writer” bloggers to my feed anyway. I add bloggers who mostly poast photos of flowers. I love flowers! And kitties! And sunsets. And doggies scampering on beaches. And travel stories even though I don’t travel. And philosophy. And movie reviews. And comedy! There are so many wonderful things to love in this world. But if you poast dark sad twisted poetry, I’ll probably love that too.

Fifteen years of blogging, more or less. Wow.

I think we’re up to date.


The Daily Prompt: Retrospective

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  1. Yup. Probably all the flower and cat posts are why you’re still following me…well, that’s my first guess anyhow. The part I can’t get a handle on is how fast it’s all going by. Fifteen years sounds like a long time, but be honest — seems like about a month, doesn’t it? I read a theory somewhere that says that our brains are only capable of keeping track of a certain number of life mileposts or highlight markers or somesuch — and the longer your life is, the further it is between the markers. For example, if 1000 markers is the max, that 1000 is crammed a lot closer together when you’re 10 than when it has to spread them over 50 years, so it feels like time is accelerating. No clue whether that ‘s true or not, but it seems as likely as any other reason I’ve heard…congrats on the 15. Keep after it…

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    • Thanks! Yes, I do enjoy your lighthearted musings. Hehe. I always thought of time as a percentage. When you’re 20 a year is 1/20th of your life, but at 40 it’s 1/40th. To a 20 year old, a year is a big freaking deal. A year-long relationship is forever, man. A year of school is a loooong time. A year of dull work or missing someone is unbearable. But to a 40 year old those things are not so long in comparison. They kinda whoosh by as you note. Now, at age 57, I can’t even believe it’s coming up to another summer. WTF? How’d that happen? WHERE IS MAH LIFE? LOL

      I see I forgot to say why I chose Light Motifs for this blog’s name and I also had another blogger blog in between, or a few of ’em. And some private diary type blogs too. But who cares? Onward to the abyss!


  2. I used to use “thoughts.com” but they had problems with it, promised to revamp and start again but it now hosts gambling information on it, lol. I have so not lived up to what I wanted a blog for. 🙂

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  3. Every one of your blogs, m’dear, I have enjoyed and sought and read and enjoyed and … I may have repeated myself there.

    And fifteen years … it’s so weird how time is so different now than it was. I was just divorced, right? Yeah. TWELVE years now. My son should be dating teens, right? No, most of those’d be half his freakin’ age now.

    Fifteen years of your blogging = fifteen years of my enjoyment and it’s still too brief.

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  4. I always enjoyed your blogging! I admit, right here and now, that I sometimes skim over romance novel stuff, and some of the dating stuff–though not all–it’s simply a matter of “the mesh.” However, I read your stuff carefully because I think you think really well and while I don’t try super hard to understand most Internet people, I do you. So, glad we’re all here.
    About the perception of time passing–my theory has to do with how many memory “units” are crammed into a given length of time. The whole perception of time may be more about the memories. Well, one way to look at it anyway. I’m fascinated by the idea that Internet time is different than real time. Internet time is slower. (longer?) Didn’t see a post from someone for 4 days? OMG where are they?? Are they still alive? Oh. They went camping. Never mind.

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  5. I’m thinking we need a logo, for the Core Bloggers.
    And, no sign of Don. He is only the occasional commenter.

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