The Story Is Everything


One of my friends asked about The Wedding on Twitter. She was developing a slight interest but was still perplexed at the intense fascination it held for some people, mostly women a little older than herself. I fall into that group. Now, I’ve not been obsessed with The Wedding itself; in fact, I found the relentless coverage as irritating as anything else the “news” media decides I must have shoved in my face 24/7, whether it’s the KarJenner baby mama drama BS or that horrible man’s lawyers’ lawyers’ lawyers’ lawyers.

However. I loved the story of Diana (and cried at the tragedy). Her story kept me vaguely interested in her children all these years. William and Kate’s story was sweet, but the Meghan Markle story is fascinating. Everything I learn about Meghan is fabulous. She’s a proud and accomplished feminist! She went to Northwestern! She has a rescue beagle! I think she is utterly gorgeous and her mother is gorgeous too. I adored seeing the dresses and silly hats on the royals and celebs at the wedding and after-party. (I didn’t watch the actual ceremony ~ I’m not big on vids.) And the children were adorable! Meghan’s little doggie rode with the Queen, omgawd!

And I clicked on bunches of pics that “proved” Meghan and Harry were in super duper lurve because of all their PDA, which is generally Not Done by royals but they don’t care. They’re so cute and wonderful, proving that soul mates exist in this scary terrible world. It’s the perfect time to be reminded of that. Yes, I have examples of soul mates in my own life, but this is different because it’s a story for the world to witness as one.

This is why people love a fantasy. This is why romance novels outsell every other genre. We want to believe in the love story. We want to believe in magic and romance. We want the fairy tale, the prince and the princess, the horses, the gowns, the flowers, the kiss that lasts a lifetime, all of it.

We want the story.

10 responses to “The Story Is Everything

  1. I don’t like fantasy or romance novels, but I couldn’t stop watching this wedding!

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  2. Years ago I read Stephen King saying “the story is the thing.” I thought, hmm, well, sort of affected, but it keeps coming back, reinforced by everything I see (as the years pile up) and the wisdom of it. It must be a thing, even bees do it when they dance around upon returning to the hive, saying, in effect, here’s where I went today, and here’s what I saw.

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  3. Love love love this. And the b&w photo you’ve shown is my second favorite of all the wedding photos; I adore it.

    The only photo I love more is the one of Meghan’s mama sitting in the church pew, exuding grace and elegance, alone but not lonely, her eyes filled with love and pride for her daughter. ❤️

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  4. Couldn’t be bothered to watch the wedding, but the pics make me root for these two. They’re both non-conformist in many ways, and I hope that makes for a trailblazing and fun union. BTW, fun fact: Norway’s queen (Sonja) had no father to “give” her away when she was marrying the then-crown prince, so her FIL-to-be did, just like with Meghan.

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  5. Seriously, guys, we all know that the popularity of The Wedding among the great unwashed was based in the dirt-common, Disney sweatshop-level, fairy-tale story of a romance being served up as ankle deep popcorn entertainment. For it to work it only required a willful suspension of disbelief to make it real for a couple of hours, same as for any Hollywood blockbuster. Working from that premise, I attempted to assign some value to it as pulp-amusement at least, perhaps a “Three-Stooges-Marathon” level of pleasantly, but utterly wasted, time.

    Alas, for all the pomp and circumstance and glitter and crystal and unlimited-budget “Snow White/Cinderella/Beauty And The Beast” cartoon-fantasy sets, the production simply could not overcome their crap casting.

    If there are any group of humans on earth more aggressively useless than the vast, pasty clot of parasites making up the Royal Family, I’m hard-pressed to think of who they might be. At any rate, I just couldn’t get past any of these bejeweled scammers prancing around as if anything they do is of any import or value whatsoever, which for me totally derailed the already weak and derivative story line.

    How the Razzies have failed to include this inbred cluster of mouth-breathers and self-perpetuating con-artists in their “Worst Of’ lists every year, with a Special Mention of “The Wedding” this year, remains a complete mystery I’ve not managed to solve.

    Other than that, big Thumbs Up.

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    • PS: I had hopes that the Royals were going to be able to pull their don’t-stink shit out of the fire back when Sarah Ferguson inexplicably married into this thin-blooded genetic hotbox. This was based on:

      (1) I have a serious thing for bangin’ hot redheads, which she continues to be even up to this date, which automatically gave her a leg up on the rest of these dweebs; and,

      (2) She’s the only Royal I’ve ever seen or heard of who actually looked like she’d sooner be out raising hell than putzing around The Palace waiting for Her Majesty to shuffle off this mortal coil and give someone else a shot at siphoning off the lion’s share of the Brits’ lifeblood and financial tributes; and,

      (3) She had/has what can charitably be described as a bawdy sense of humo(u)r; and,

      (4) As I’ve said before elsewhere, I’d have no qualms with her having my back in a bar-fight. She has some real warrior-princess potential going there.

      It turns out these are exactly the four things which made her fit into the dank, moldy museum of overdressed and overstuffed mannequins which made up the bulk of her new inlaws about as well as a corpse at a dinner party. Which, now that I think about it, was actually pretty much a mirror opposite of her actual situation. Anyhow, surprising no-one, she was gone shortly after someone noticed she had a pulse.

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    • Hah! Missed your comments ’round here.


  6. I’m just glad it’s over. Now everyone will be waiting for a baby.

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