Abrupt Victory

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Somehow I stumbled onto a giant conspiracy ridiculousness this morning that’s been raging for the past 6 months or so around social media, yet I’ve been (until today) totes oblivious to it. I consider that a victory, my friends. I don’t know how I managed to avoid this idiocy on Facebook, which I exited only this past March, and Twitter ~ even though I have loads of political stuff blocked on the twit, gobs squish through anyway, and that is indeed what happened in this case.

I’m going to be very careful describing the thing here because I don’t want to attract any wackadoos to my blog (not counting you nuts who already are fans, natch, and I lurve you all very much). Apparently there is a fantasy hero named Q in our gobblement who is part of a storm that may be coming to usher in WW3 or stop WW3 (one of the two)… well, sort of a co-hero sidekick to the main dude, right-hand of God guy, you know who, our savior (insert eyeroll emoji), yada. This Q is hashtagged with an anon after it, which I’m not spelling out here because of the loons, and all other conspiracies and general bad things of the past 20 years that are ever mentioned by these crazies are followed with this tag on general principle (to alert others of their ilk that they’re all woke to the thing).

Yes, I spent over a half hour reading these nutjobs’ tweets because I am fascinated by mental illness. What can I say? If I could do my life over I would be a shrink. They have several themes: hating Hillary, carrying on about Obama being a Muslim, praising you know who, trying to decide if Jews are good or bad (they’re very confused about this point except they do despise Soros of course), ragging on the British royals, the Pope, Pelosi, Bill Gates (who is always trying to kill us all, the rascal)… and they really loathe white slavery and pedophilia rings. Well, good on them cuz those last two things really suck. Don’t they? I mean gah!

Every once in a while the standards are mentioned also: fluoride, chem trails, The Wall, etc. But those are pretty much in the background right now. Hillary is always fresh. You just can’t have too much Hillary with these lunatics. She’s on their minds 24/8. They eat, sleep, and dream Hillary. It’s hill-arious.

But like I said, I managed somehow to avoid these tinfoil nutballs for a long time and I’m proud of that. Yay me! I will return to my “normal news” now where I am allowed to see only tidbits doled out by the Deep State and be happy in my oblivion. ThanQ very mush.


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7 responses to “Abrupt Victory

  1. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have no idea what you’re talking about. For me, “Q” is still the star-trek guy who spent his time putzing around with Jean Luc Picard. Dropping out of FB is one of the premier decisions of my life.

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  2. I don’t know squat about what you’re talking about either. I have generally always shied from all things conspiracy and mostly stayed out of nutjob circles, though I can’t help but like a mild nutjob here and there. (Depends on if they are Nutjob Level 10 or Nutjob level 3, ya know?)These peeps you are talking about are full on Level 10. Ugh.

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    • Agreed! Fun NJ’s who can laugh at themselves are quite a bit diff than these dead serious ppl planning for end times with you know who as the messiah. I can’t even.


  3. So this Q is not on Star Trek nor is he part of the James Bond franchise, BUT he’s going to change the world for all of us? I didn’t know this. I think that I’ll just get on with day as if none of this mattered. Like Hillary was just another smart woman and Bill Gates was just another brilliant dude. Like life is better without knowing anything nutty about either of them. 🙄

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  4. Let me add to this unanimity of Q-ignorance. Sadly I haven’t quit the FB yet. The addiction seems less pernicious as I manage my usage smarter and more betterly. I do this by staying away from the politics a lot more (not entirely, never can) and by not posting every little thing, i.e. not feeling like I HAVE TO TELL A STORY ABOUT THIS because in fact, if I don’t, no one will care, not even me.

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