Notable Friday

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What’s special about today? Well, it’s the last Friday in April, the last Friday I’ll be this age, and it’s a square cube (4/27) with lucky 18 at the end. Happily all dates this year have lucky 18 at the end ~ what an amazing coinkydink! Anyway, I like squares and cubes, and I especially like square cubes. I like all squares too, and I even have a line in a pome referencing this in my latest book All She Wrotewhich is selling well and getting fab reviews, much to my surprise, thanks to all you lovely peeps.

Back to numbers. One is also a good number. I have one cat and he’s adorable! I like Day One of the month when Prime members choose their free Kindle book. I’m trying to get caught up on my backlog of unread books, but there are so many and I’m always finding new wanna-reads. And now I have That Girl to finish watching, plus there are some good movies coming out (not to mention the good ones I’ve missed on my list too), plus of course the books I’m writing and don’t forget my stitchery projects! Oops, I may have forgotten my stitchery projects, yikes. (I know I could do stitchery while watching That Girl, but I’ve actually been editing old stories during TG because, not to disparage TG in any way whatsoever, the shows don’t consume my entire attention.)

So, yes, I think today is a Notable Friday, and I’m noting it. For the record. Let it be noted!


The Daily Prompt: Notable

15 responses to “Notable Friday

  1. That means it’s your birthday now over here in the Western European time zone, so have a happy one!

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  2. Err that’s not the clip I copied! Damn it.

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  3. Antoinette Truglio Martin

    Happy birthday. Hope it a fun day and that there was great cake

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  4. Dare I say in response to this post… duly noted! Happy Birthday, She Who Loves Cubes.

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  5. I remember last year at this time … frustrated that I couldn’t post a birthday greeting on your Facebook page, I sorta talked you into changing your privacy settings so I, along with your vast multitude of other friends, could post such a greeting. But this year?

    I have nowhere to post HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.
    😩 😩 😩

    So I’m doing it here.


    Hugs and love to you, darlin’. ❤️

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  6. Many felis .. many felciti … Happy day!

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  7. Happy birthday! I hope you had some fun, chatty phone calls with your girls!

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