Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes…

That Girl!

That Girl

I can’t believe no one guessed the correct answer. Some of you got close with MTM, etc. ~ shows about single brunettes navigating big city life. But alas, nobody got That Girl. I’ve been enjoying reruns on Prime and am just starting the second season. A good friend bought S5 for me as a gift and watching some of those motivated me to start over at the beginning. Okay, let’s discuss…

First, we’ll address the theme song (music only until S5 when lyrics are introduced), which I see via google is not super popular. I guess people hate happy, sappy lists. Does this mean “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music is hated now too? Bye cream-colored ponies, off you go. We’re tossing the crisp apple strudel right in the trash. What the hell is wrong with lists of nice things? Does every piece of music have to be dark and dystopian with singularity death robots clawing out our livers? Eff that. We can haz nice lists.

Second, That Girl is a nice show about nice people, who mostly do nice things and end up getting into mild predicaments. So, you’re thinking omgawwwd boring. No. You know what I’m bored with? Criminals, jerks, liars, druggies, drunks, narcissists, wackos, and psychopaths. But enough about men from dating sites already, eh? Pffft.

Sometimes it’s just darned good fun to watch a show about normal people negotiating the quotidian. Kind of like Seinfeld, in a way… many of TG’s eps are also about “nothing” or nothing more than the minutiae of daily life gone awry via misunderstandings or miscommunications. This was prior to texting and email, so people have to talk to each other face to face to work things out. This generally resolves an issue quickly rather than our current method of trying to “text it out,” which further mires us in the muck of miscomm. Yes, I realize it’s fictional. 😛

Third, there’s a refreshing absence of sex, drugs, and violence. I’m no prude, but I’m just tired of the emphasis on those three things in entertainment. Once they’re introduced, they tend to dominate the script. Ann and Don are steadily dating, but we haven’t seen them in bed. Good. I don’t want to; it’s uninteresting to me. In one of these early eps, they wade in a stream while picnicking and she remarks that it’s the first time she’s seen his ankles. Why? Because they haven’t slept together or cuz he has sex in his socks or what? The questions crossed my mind, briefly, and I’m happy not to know. There’s a mafia ep where the bad guys end up in a food fight then a fist fight but not a gun fight and it’s hilarious. Etc.

Fourth, surprisingly, these old TG eps offer many situations that are still currently relevant. How to maintain a close relationship with your parents when you move away and choose a different lifestyle. Can you conduct a professional relationship in the same office with someone with whom you’re romantically involved? The struggle of pursuing your low-paying dream while juggling two or more side gigs to make the rent. Etc.

Plus Marlo Thomas is funny. So are Ted Bessell, who plays her boyfriend, and Lew Parker, who plays her father. But many actors could have done these roles, imo, including Marlo’s. This is not to disparage the actors, who are certainly fine, but the writers should get the credit for the show. Always credit the writers! Check out that link… interesting.

K, I’m off for more teevee! 🙂

8 responses to “Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes…

  1. I don’t know why I didn’t guess this..we even talked about it on FB once or twice. I loved that show and I should also revisit because I have never viewed it with an adult perspective. The show aired when I was a kid and I was “allowed” to watch it (stamp of approval from my mom) but I know I didn’t get all of the humor back then.

    I’m not sick of bad guys in shows yet, or if I am, I’m still not giving up on Saul or the delicious characters in Game of Thrones. But I know what you mean. If all you’ve got is some witty bad guys and a ton of violence, you don’t have much. The story and the dialog need to make sense and fit the theme, and there needs to be creativity. (I roll my eyes when my sig.otter watches all of those NCIS shows. So formulaic!) Anyway, I love the Roseanne reboot and I was not a huge fan of the old one. Even though Roseanne is a President Cheeto lover and mentions it in the show, the rest of the cast speaks up and the family can agree to disagree. You know, just like on social media. HAR!

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  2. Very cool that it’s on Prime! 🙂

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  3. Ah, I remember this show. I REALLY wanted her hair (and temporarily got a reasonable facsimile for my Bat Mitzvah).

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  4. I’d forgotten about That Girl. I sort of remember seeing a few episodes of it. She’d say: “Oh, Donald!” And he’d looked bashful/worried/confused. I need to revisit TG, if only to relax into a TV show that doesn’t try to offend me as if that’s the way to gain my interest.

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