Back in the Bottle

A few years ago I blogged here and here (a two-parter!) about rewatching I Dream of Jeannie ~ I had purchased the entire series. But I didn’t finish watching every episode because it was too heartbreaking. My memory of the show from when I was a teen had it categorized as witty and adorable and this was destroyed by my mature perspective. As I noted three years ago, the writing was cliched (even for the time), the jokes unfunny, the bloopers ubiquitous, and the constant obsession with marriage ridiculous and boring.

But it turns out you can put the genie back in the bottle. Hee! Time passed. Life went on. Movies were watched. Games were played. Poetry was written. Cupcakes were nommed. And slowly but surely, IDOJ reclaimed its favored status among my childhood memories of cute and fun things. I even used a GIF of Jeannie pouring coffee on Twitter yesterday as if nothing had ever happened to tarnish my memory of her adorableness.

I made a similar mistake recently by clicking Match Game on Prime. Oooh, I used to love watching that after school! Biiig mistake. My god, those guest “stars” were a bunch of drunken idiots, which was freakin’ hilarious to 14 year old me, but now? Not so much.

Gotta resist Memory Lane strolls in so many of their tempting forms. An evening sorting through old photos the otter week caused me to spiral into a mild depression for days. Music doesn’t seem to have the same effect, or if it does, it’s small in comparison… an hour or two, certainly not a day or more.

Truth be told, I don’t care about Match Game, but I’m really glad to have IDOJ at the top of my happy childhood memory list.

In a future bloggery, we’ll discuss an old TV show that has stayed surprisingly good over time with storylines relevant today! Care to speculate which show I have in mind?

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17 responses to “Back in the Bottle

  1. All in the Family.

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  2. I’ll go with All in the Family.

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    • If nothing else, All in the Family deserves something for relevance to sociological changes at the time–however you might say that. Then again, so did Star Trek, but AITF was also entertaining. I’ve never had the desire to watch the original Star Treks today.

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  3. Seems like some of those Westerns, like Wagon Train and Gunsmoke, were pretty good and might have aged well. Not sure. I happened upon an old episode of Three’s Company one time, and after about thirty seconds of cringing I shut the TV off. For, like, several weeks.

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  4. The Twilight Zone

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  5. Ooh, All In The Family is a great guess! Loved that show. But it wasn’t what I was thinking. Haven’t rewatched any of those eps.

    Also loved the original Star Trek and I’ve read that some of their goofy gadgets inspired real inventions, which is so cool. And something that they would write about on one of their shows too. But no. And no to the Westerns as well.

    Three’s Company is “warmer” as far as genre and mood. But mine’s older.

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  6. Mary Tyler Moore!!

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  7. Dick Van Dyke Show?

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  8. Maude.

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