A Glimmer Is Not Enough

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I’ve been doing more deleting, my peeps. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram were the big ones, but that was just the beginning of my webhousecleaning.

Actually, that’s not true. I began this back when I dumped all the dating sites for good in 2017. And I’ll tell you something: I do not miss them one bit, nor do I miss dating. It’s the most stressful thing in the world, not fun at all, and I’m sleeping so much better since I quit. Turns out, I do not have insomnia! I had dating-related anxiety. I sleep through the night just fine almost every night now just like back in the old days before I began any of it. Anyway, last month was FB & Co.’s turn to get the heave-ho. But what about the other sites?

I had a Meetup account since 2011 and over the years joined various groups ~ Scrabble, writing, walking, board games, etc.  But my favorite writing group never meets at a time that’s convenient for me now. New groups that sound interesting are always too far away or some other annoying thing. The rest of the groups are too sportsy or too young or too costly or too dating-related or whatever. Every week or so I look in with the glimmer of hope there will be something fun and nopety nope nope. Waste of time. Isn’t my new motto to quit wasting time on things that aren’t productive, healthy, or fun? Yes, I believe it is. A glimmer is not enough to justify time wastery. Meetup account DELETED.

Deleted some Yahoo groups for the same reason and quit getting email notifs from a few otter ones. Why spend time reading things that are of no value? That’s time wastery. For some of that stuff, there isn’t even a glimmer of a chance anything interesting is going to come of it. It’s barely one step above actual SPAM. People I don’t know jabbering about things I don’t care about. WTF am I reading this? Habit, a bad one.

And then I figured that it’s just Not Good to have random idle accounts sitting around “out there” due to nasty hackers, evil Russians, alien pods, and whatnot. So I went on a spree, whacking accounts like DISQUS, Quora, Ello, and various otter sillinesses that I don’t even use or waste time on but don’t need to have my name associated with either. Paranoia, it’s what’s for dinner. You guys forgot about Ello, dincha? 🙂

I’m debating Goodreads. On the one hand, it hardly takes up any time, so it doesn’t count as a waste of same. On the otter hand, I find it vaguely irritating. First it doesn’t let me delete my own books. I have unpublished a few (couple short stories I decided I don’t want as stand-alones, wish to edit them, and then have them as part of my book of longer, connected short stories I hope to have out by the end of this year). So, if you click on the links, they don’t exist. Of course this drives me bonkers. Why can’t I delete them from my bio there? That’s one thing. Second, GR makes me feel compelled to finish a book even when it’s bad so I can have that book added to my book count. Okay, that’s not Goodreads’ fault; that’s my OCD again. Regardless, that’s how it is and being on the site creates this issue. But perhaps this isn’t a bad thing? At least once recently I ended up enjoying a book I wouldn’t have finished otterwise. So, hmm.

Guess I’ll leave GR for meow, but they’re on the watchlist. I’m sure they’re terrified.


The Daily Prompt: Glimmer

15 responses to “A Glimmer Is Not Enough

  1. On GR, I used to delete the books I couldn’t finish, but now I mark them as read and put them into my “did not finish” list.

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  2. If only the delete thing worked with stooopids.

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  3. Gotta say, you are missed on fb. My feed is decidedly less glimmery.

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  4. Honestly, you make me nervous! I wouldn’t dare delete all that stuff! I mean, if I really meant business, I’d have to delete my Google account. ***GASP*** I can’t even—!!!!

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    • My googles are safe, since they fit the definition, as does twitter. They actually help me, not hinder me. Google stores messages and photos from friends and family, as well as archives of writing stuffs I sometimes need to look up. Twitter doesn’t merely inspire me to write ~ I’ve actually used poetry I’ve written there to expand into larger works for my self-pubbed books.

      But you do remind me of the fact that I have some unused email addresses elsewhere I could think about whacking…


  5. Whoa, you mean business!

    Sounds like all your deleting is having a positive effect, and that’s a good thing.

    But I also miss you on Facebook, and so do other peeps. Aileen made some pretty, colorful cupcakes and remarked that cupcake posts make her miss you. 😢

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    • Ooooh cupcakes!!! 😍😍😍

      Yes, I have finished my book of crappy angsty poetry. Just letting it sit for a couple days to make sure I don’t want to change a comma or anything and then I’ll vomit it up on Amazon. How’s that for some stellar marketing?


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  6. Yes, I did forget about Ello…but it’s also now deleted in my web arena. DIdn’t know that it was big with artists now. They can have it. Thanks for the reminder on that one.

    I still like GR, but I have also felt compelled to finish books. I finally let that go last year. Screw it. If I am hating a book or even just plain bored, I am quitting. Life is short. I think I skipped out on 3 or 4 last year and it felt great.

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  7. I like your idea to delete unused accounts. I’ve been slowly doing that, but to do it with a sense of purpose makes sense. And “yes,” I forgot about Ello. Thanks for the reminder.

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