Hot summer sand met cold ocean froth. Two little girls in sunglasses and hats with buckets and towels, digging and giggling. I would bring a book and never open it, preferring to watch my children’s fun and the turquoise waves tumble in, one by one. The hours moved slowly but the time went so fast. Grandma came too with lunch in a cooler. She’s gone now and soon my time will be up, the next decades sure to pass even faster than the ones before. Each year’s bubbles crash in, spread out with a susurrus, and disappear back into nothingness.


The Daily Prompt: Froth


8 responses to “Froth

  1. Nice word picture. Although, I admit to having to look up susurrus. I will now, of course, shoehorn it into all my convos.

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  2. Aaaaah. Now I am one of those little girls. And my own grandma.

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  3. Barbara Hughes

    some feels are so ouchy.

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  4. That was beautiful. Also, I miss the ocean.

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  5. What a lovely remembrance, especially today. Your mom would cherish it, as you cherish your memories of her … memories like this one, and so many more. You’ll always have those, and so will your girls.

    I know this is a hard day for you, my friend. Love coming your way.


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  6. Susurrus – haven’t looked it up yet – reminds me of something described in a historic novel, “kukurrush” that women in a harem were fed with, along with honey and rose water to fatten them up cuz the Osman naval officer Piri Reis preferred his chicks fat in his seraille.
    And I wanted to know what it is so I could avoid it.
    Turned out it was the same as couscous, so not a problem avoiding it in these latitudes.

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  7. “The hours moved slowly but the time went so fast.” Uh huh. Same feeling I get looking at old family pictures. I wish I would have put the book down now.

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