In Which I Beg a Big Corporation to Take My Money

When I deleted Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, I wiped all the history, cookies, etc. off my devices in an attempt (probably futile) to rid myself of their tracking and crap. Until yesterday this was no big deal, but then I tried to buy a song for my Nutty Playlist on iTunes and all hell broke loose. I had to re-enter my info and every time I tried to put in my credit card stuffs, the program shut down. Fine, I said, I have an iPhone meow, I’ll do it that way. NYAAH!

I went to Apple music on my iPhone and said hai can I haz a song? They said only if you sign up for our music thingie and pay. WOT? I don’t want to pay for a whole program ~ I just want to buy a song sometimes like I do for my cool themed playlists. They didn’t care at all about my cool themed playlists. Rude. I didn’t know what to do except I did know I was going to get what I wanted and finish my Nutty Playlist and put it on a CD to listen to in my car because well I just had to! They shalt not thwart me and my OCD! (Especially when a CD is involved.)

I went to Shazam on my iPhone where I remembered it offers the option to buy a song. First, I had to play the song on YouTube on my laptop so I could Shazam it (it was “Angie Baby” by Helen Reddy, if you must know, which no one suggested, but I chose later after googling songs about insanity which I do not recommend because it can really flip you over the edge into severe depression). After the song was up on Shazam, the buy option appeared, so I clicked it. Next, I was flooped over to the iTunes store where it let me buy the song with my fingerprint. WOT? I didn’t have to sign up for the program? Nope. I could buy “Angie Baby” for $1.29 like I had wanted to in the beginning. I did that. I also bought a couple more songs for Nutty and also some for another playlist that had been sitting around called Dating Sucks. Burned them to CDs. Now I have two new CDs and am working on two more themed playlists. I’ll pester you guys about those later.

The coolest part is that it only took a few seconds for the song to show up in my iTunes library on my laptop after I bought it on my phone. Isn’t technology AMAZING?! Actually, one of them took like 45 seconds and I started to get angry. WTF??? The otter ones only took 10 seconds. I can’t bear all this waiting. I have things to do! OMGGG!!

I still don’t understand why Apple allows you to buy an individual song via Shazam but you can’t simply click into the Apple store on your own and buy one. That’s so weird! More likely I’m misunderstanding how to do it, but whatever… I got what I wanted. Yes, in a very roundabout strange way, but hey.

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The Daily Prompt: Thwart

13 responses to “In Which I Beg a Big Corporation to Take My Money

  1. I buy music from the iTunes store, and I don’t have any music subscriptions. Is that the same as what you were trying to do? I’ve never even heard of Shazam. Except that Gomer Pyle used to say it. 😆

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    • Yes. I’ve been doing it for years. Maybe I’ll clear everything and try again. Annoying! I have more things I need to buy, such as “Eye of the Tiger” for my cat-themed list. Hard to believe I don’t have that one.

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    • I think I have it sorted now. Thank God I gave up FB and can spend my Sunday doing important things like this instead of yabbering about politics!


  2. A long while ago I stopped buying music from iTunes because their DRM at that time made it difficult to transfer the tunes to my Android phone (thwarted me, you might say). I had to burn them to CD, then rip them into mp3 rather than transferring the higher quality AAC formatted songs to the device I used for listening.

    So I started buying all my songs via Amazon. I never had a problem with getting just one song from them. I could also have them automatically upload to my computer and back into my iTunes database on said computer’s hard drive.

    Much later, I learned I could back up all my iTunes music to Apple’s cloud, for free, and if they had a version of that song in their higher quality format, then when I downloaded the song to a device, it would come in that format. And, best of all, they dispensed with the stupid DRM! AND I could transfer those higher quality songs to my Android phone without any problem!

    I still won’t buy songs through iTunes or Apple Music or wotever. When a business pisses me off, I stay pissed off at them for a long, long time.

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  3. Apple is so stupid. They keep telling me my iPhone isn’t backed up to iCloud, but also about every 1.5 days I get an email from them saying my iCloud drive is almost full, and I have to pay them to increase the capacity, so that I can back up my iPhone. Note that I never did anything to back up my iPhone–it just sort of does it by itself without my knowledge, apparently. I have no idea how to get that information from iCloud should I ever need it. I guess I could call Homeland Security and ask them for it.

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  4. Oh la la! I am glad you chose to vent on your WP blog instead of FB or Instagram. I might have missed a large smile.

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  5. I lost the will to live just reading about this tomfoolery—I seriously don’t know how you figured it out sans nervous breakdown, for which you would then have needed another playlist, creating an infinity loop of suffering.

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  6. I can buy music from the iTunes store – not sure what would give you probs. That said, I have Apple Music (family plan) and it has been ridiculously worth the money, but I dl a LOT of music and spend a lot of time in the car to listen to it.

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  7. Had I only known you were looking for this song, I could have sent you my old Helen Reddy LP! Of course, then you would have had to find a record player equipped with a CD burner to transfer it. Wait, I think I have one of those, too, that has been used maybe half a dozen times. Well, maybe next time?

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