Oh, radiant sun!
I explore this new morning
Weekend sans Facebook.

Suspicious birdsong—
Noisy swallows retweeting
Fake news on a wire?

Faceless in this crowd,
Bewildered I meander…
No one needs a like.

Frantic for caffeine,
I dash into greasy spoon,
But I can’t “check in.”

Foreign face in toast
Conjures Instagram moment—
Also deleted.

Toxic media,
Begone from my existence!
Not you, silly blog.

Present in present,
I incubate baby pomes,
My little Om-lettes.


The Daily Prompt: Toxic



16 responses to “Promptku

  1. OooohhhhmmmmMG!!!1

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  2. Is that like a 12-step pome? Is it working?

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  3. I read and re-read.
    This poem has ev’rything!
    I haiku comment.

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  4. Big thumbs up. Five stars. Would read again.

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  5. Truly epic…I agree with the above comment; 5 stars indeed.

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  6. Thanks everyone! ❤


  7. The cartoon Paula is sitting in a yoga pose.
    Does that mean the real Paula is doing yoga?
    If so, Yay!
    If not, there’s always tomorrow. 😌

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  8. Loved it and the title is so creative!

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  9. OMG. An amazing commentary on social media.

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  10. I really love this. There’s so much depth, it’s packed with meaning, but it’s also fun.

    I came back to read it again. 😊

    You have a gift, my friend.

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