Nummy Nummy Noosa


During my last days at FB, a friend told me about Noosa when I complained that too many yogurts were fat-free and I had no choice of flavors in the yogurts with fat. I’ve found that eating too little fat leaves me hungry all day, craving food, and eventually overeating. Plus, many of the low/nonfat prepared foods are made with extra sugar and salt in an attempt to compensate for the lack of satiety you get from fat, and that’s not a Good Thing. So, I eat a pretty high percentage of fat in order to be satisfied with small portions of food and thus control my weight. Science! And math.

Anyway, I found Noosa yoghurt (spelled the Aussie way) at good old Target and bought a bunch to try. Loved the coconut, of course, but also blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and apple-cinnamon. I think that last one is my favorite. It’s truly superb. Now, you might wince at the calorie count: 300 per a regular serving. But, trust me, it is worth it. Delish and satisfying. I can have a Noosa and a fruit and go the whole afternoon. Better than a snadwich!

No, they aren’t paying me, though they should. I’m just sharing. 🙂

12 responses to “Nummy Nummy Noosa

  1. Thx for the tip! Chris is gonna have to eat a lot of yog(h)urt for the foreseeable… lets just say that his gut flora were rapidly and violently depopulated and leave it at that. His liver function is sorta jacked too, and the most likely explanation is a month of an antibiotic for rosacea did him totally wrong. The liver prob caused the other prob, etc.

    So.. like I said, he’s gonna get bored with just the Icelandic stuff and that apple cinnamon flavor sounds intriguing.

    Hope all is well with you. ❤

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    • Dunno how this got in spam. Grrrr! Yes, I’m being very productive, thanks. Hope Chris likes the Noosa. Just bought a ton at Vonsway, where it’s more, but I was too lazy to make a 2nd trip to Target this week. Don’t be a stranger! ❤


  2. Non-fat flavored yogurts often have aspartame (or other artificial sweeteners) instead of sugar, and that makes them even worse! I can’t have artificial sweeteners – give me the sugar and the fat, thankyouverymuch!

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  3. Barbara Hughes

    I buy plain whole milk yogurt and add frozen fruit. When the fruit thaws, the juice sweetens the plain yogurt just enough.

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  4. I want to try that! It sounds scrumptious. I’ve never seen Noosa at my regular grocery store, so I’ll check Target.

    If they have it, I’ll buy out the store. 😆

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  5. It sometimes troubles me that in this renaissance of interest in all things scientific we would deny the wisdom of the evolved palate of homo sapiens that decides what’s nummy and what’s not.
    Hey I like Chobani, probably because of the pie filling at the bottom.

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  6. It’s March 30th and well past time for a new blog post. Need new blog post from Paula!

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