The Ghostess with the Mostess

People get the feels when you announce that you’re about to flounce from the Book of Face. I don’t remember having emotional reactions when others exited ~ I told them to stay in touch via email or text, and we did, or not, and that was that. I’ve grouped the reactions to my declaration into broad categories.

1. Sarcastic. You’re surprised capitalist pig is pig? Bwahahaha.

2. Resigned. Everything is hopeless. Might as well do nothing about anything.

3. Paranoid. Your data will never be deleted. THEY will keep it for your inquisition.

4. Hostile. Well, I love Facebook! It’s the best! Photos! Events! Woo hoo! You suck!

5. Sympathetic. I understand. This is a huge shock. But why not just deactivate?

6. Empathetic. Oh, me too! I want to delete. Fabulous idea! Soon. Yeah…

7. Friendly. Sending you an email. Following your blog. Wanna keep in touch!

8. Unrequited. Haven’t I been good to you, what about that brand new ring, doesn’t that mean love to you, doesn’t that mean anything… don’t pull your love out on me baby…

Hehe. I have been getting a bunch of unexpected sevens, which pleases me, along with peeps promising to blog moar, hurrah. It’s nice to chat one on one with friends, rather than exchanging only drive-by witticisms in a group, which are like cotton candy at the fair, pretty and sweet, but insubstantial and ultimately unfulfilling. I’m a little bit surprised at a significant percentage of people, in overlapping categories, who have written my obit. Apparently if I’m not on FB, I’m dead, disappeared, a non-person, invisible, a ghost. O rly?



The Daily Prompt: Invisible

16 responses to “The Ghostess with the Mostess

  1. 9. Blocked. Already totally irrelevant for several years now.

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  2. Didn’t know you were flushing FB altogether. Thought you were just slowing down on it. See, I’m NOT on it at all and as a result lose these small details. But you have convinced me to blog more, probably beginning by the end of the week, mostly because you want me to and you are, after all, roughly 33% of my audience base (although I occasionally have a huge rush of visitors that knocks you back to about 25%).

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    • Since you’re not on WP, I can’t stuff you in my reader, but I put you on my top bar there ^^^ so now I will remember to click you more often. Mad I missed your last couple poasties. Looking forward to moar!


  3. Barbara Hughes

    Proud 7, here. Fine. I’ll follow you through the interswizzle. I love a good adventure.

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  4. Who are you?

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  5. I think I’m a mix of 6 and 7, but I’ll be here, of course.

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  6. Okay, I was 5. WHY IS THAT A BAD THING?!?

    Oh. You didn’t say it was a bad thing, never mind.

    I do miss you on FB and I can’t help it. Wasn’t it Davida who said whenever she watched you and I have a conversation, she thought we should be roommates? or at least live next door to each other?

    Okay, enough of my whimpering. I’mma text you tomorrow.


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  7. I just got the notification “Paula Light is no longer your friend.” (I use Social Fixer and it notifies me of such things.)
    Well, I hope you’re still really my friend. 🙂

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    • Lol! I sure hope we’ll always be friends. We’ve been through so much (dramatic sigh). The Fark Mirestone years! The Friendsters. The Divas! All my crazy blogs. Weird that your app doesn’t tell you when someone deletes their profile. 🙃


  8. You may have already come across this in the last few days, but if not… enjoy.

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  9. I miss you. Please don’t have a life, come back to the dark side!

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  10. 6 here. And although it’ll be a while before I leave FB (if ever), i am inspired by you to ignore it more and blog more.

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