Clutter Flutter

I’ve noticed a higher tolerance for disorder in my physical space as my emotional landscape has become much less messy. This has been gradual, so I don’t know exactly when it began, but sometime last year I would guess. I suspect it has to do with giving up dating sites and some other activities that stressed me out. Now a cluttered desk and an unmade bed simply don’t bother me the way they used to. My obsession to compulsively keep my tiny corner of the world super organized and at right angles dissipates as inner peace manifests. Who knew? Ommmm…


The Daily Prompt: Messy

6 responses to “Clutter Flutter

  1. I think this is lovely. I wonder if it’s connected with letting go of the illusion of control?

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  2. That sure seems true in my life. Another thing: until I recognized what I was doing, at times when I was extremely dissatisfied with things I would buy lottery tickets, but otherwise I never bought them.

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  3. I consider this” relaxation of standards” to be another benefit of aging. PS RU a grandma already?

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