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So, I watched the big sportsball game yesterday. Yes, me. I did. It was fun! I watched with some friends, at their house, and they had a new puppy. Omgosh, I love puppies! And it turns out you can make poppers without jalapeños, and they are delicious, which is good to know, since I hate jalapeños. But roasted peppers and cream cheese? Noms.

I knew nothing about the game itself, but my friends explained it to me, and though it was very complicated, I think I understood it a little bit. I began by hoping the Patriots would win, because it seemed like everyone on Facebook was rooting for the Eagles, but it turned out there was a good reason for that, so I switched allegiances in the middle. Yay! The commercials were great, especially the one with Tyrion from Game of Thrones. Of course I liked his the best, not that I even remember what he was selling. Spicy chips, maybe.

All in all, a very fun time. I am still puzzled how people who are not connected to the financial aspects of sportsball games get so wrought up about them however. I get that the players, their families, and the people making/losing money from the events will get emotional about the outcomes, but I don’t get the audience mania. It’s still very strange to me. I’m trying to work it out. It was great to hang out with friends, but it would have been no matter what was on the TV. I guess it must be one of those things you grow up with that I didn’t have. My dad always read newspapers and books on weekends. My mom was always puttering around with plants or crafts.

But I do get that it’s a bonding experience with peeps and if you make a habit of getting together to watch the sportsball games, like anything else, it’s simply another way to connect and maintain your friendships. Nothing wrong with that, except please avoid setting cars on fire.


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4 responses to “The Superb Owl

  1. I’m so glad you had that experience. I’m not big on sports but have enjoyed moments like this – such as when my two favorite, perennially losing teams, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made it to the Super Bowl. I find football easier to follow than other sportball games and the game on ice where who-the-hell can see that little object. If the Saints had been in the bowl this year, I’d have been somewhere watching. As for the commercials, I saw some on utube. At the risk of committing blasphemy, I thought Doritos was stoopid. However, I’m so happy all the nasty racists outed themselves commenting on t-mobil. Supporters of the constitution, my ass. (and it’s a big one )

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  2. “Studies have shown” that people who are rabid sports fans are healthier than non-sports-fan people.

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  4. It’s possibly another way to live vicariously as well, and there are certainly enough sports metaphors to make a connection, as I have, between sports and life.

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