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Along with many other things, I’ve become extremely picky wrt movies as I’ve aged. It also helps to have an enormous variety from which to choose. I have several theaters nearby, access to Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Now, and my own library of DVDs. When I’m in the mood for a flick, I don’t have to settle for any old yawner.

The bottom line about a movie for me is entertainment. If I want to read about an event from history, I’ll look that up myself. I don’t want to see two hours of a long, dragged out battle or unrelenting gore. Gah. Of course there are exceptions, like if Brad Pitt is plotting to kill Hitler, I’m in. I don’t want to watch a bunch of robots, zombies, or Bruce Willis. I don’t like horror and mostly dislike science fiction, unless it’s really compelling and/or about human relationships primarily, not blasty laser battles. Forex, I liked The Martian, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049.

I love a good romcom, which basically means one starring Meg Ryan. There are a few others in my fave list, such as 27 Dresses and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But not many. Most are awful, unless they star Meg Ryan. Oh, Sandra Bullock did some good ones too, but now she mostly does those /who needs men anyway/ movies, which are even better. One is coming up later this year ~ Ocean’s 8 ~ and I’m totes seeing that (have to see the otter three Oceans first).

Love mob movies. One of my fave movies of all time is Goodfellas. Love spoofs of mob movies too ~ Analyze This! And of course The Sopranos on HBO rocked. (A bunch of series shows are fab ~ GOT, SFU, BB, G&F, etc.) Comedies generally? Depends. Some are great, some horrible.

I thought I would enjoy seeing old musicals on Prime, but I have to admit I don’t. They’re so boring. Guess I’m a newer musical lover only. Sound of Music, Chicago, Walk the Line, My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof, Zorba the Greek, Grease, Hair, Mamma Mia! A sequel to Mamma Mia is coming this summer, yay! I just saw The Greatest Showman and liked it a lot.

Regular dramas? Hit or miss. It just depends on the specific movie and I can’t count on reviews at all. I don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes/critics because my opinion doesn’t gibe with the norm. Forex, I loved Collateral Beauty and it received crappy reviews; Baby Driver was raved about everywhere and I found it mediocre. Loved Lion, didn’t like Manchester by the Sea. Enjoyed The Accountant, and I think a sequel is coming. Other films I liked last year include Lady Bird, Kingsman, The Big Sick, Wonder Woman, and The Glass Castle.

I’m planning to see Molly’s Game and Phantom Thread at the theater soon. Those both look interesting via their trailers. I’ve completed S2 of my Game of Thrones rewatch and am enjoying it just as much (if not more) the second time around. My list of wanna-sees on Prime etc. is long and getting longer, almost as impossible as my list of books to read. But those are both nice “problems” to have, right? There is always some form of great entertainment around. What a wonderful luxury!


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13 responses to “That’s Entertainment

  1. Ohhh, MOVIES! I started watching La La Land last night but the men folk came in and rolled their eyes, wanting to watch something else. (DVR) I caved and I have to stop caving.
    RomComs are not as good these days, and I am not sure why. Loved the old Meg Ryan flicks, and I def like Bullock. Used to love the Streisand ones, too, like What’s Up Doc? Need to see Lady Bird and KIngsmen II.
    I liked Baby Driver a bunch but I do like weirdness. In retrospect, Spacey’s fate was enjoyable. hah.

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    • What’s Up Doc is freakin’ hilarious! One of my all-time fave comedies!

      I didn’t love LaLa Land. Maybe because I was expecting so much from all the hype. It was a very beautiful movie, but the story was so thin and the music? Mediocre, imo.


  2. Eliska Adema - artist

    Hi, it’s Eliska I think this WordPress login identifies me as my newspaper commenting Nom-de-Plume. More wonderful writing, Paula! I have several movies I watch every couple years – Silverado and Tombstone, Dirty Dancing and A Bigger Picture. The last is a documentary about one of my fav artists, David Hockney. I’ve seen all of Charmed at least three times. The seasons with Cole I’ve watched 5 times because. . . Cole. Just started season one GOT tonight, third or fourth viewing and am still catching things I missed or foreshadowing that didn’t occur til season 7. When Ned is describing Arya’s future as a queen or princess having lots of prince babies, she tells him ‘That’s not me’. In season seven, when Arya has to decide to go on as an assassin or go back to Winterfell, Nymeria appears with her pack. Arya want Nymeria to come with her to Winterfell, but Nymeria walks away. Arya observes ‘That’s (life as a captive in Winterfel)not you’

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    • I love Dirty Dancing ~ what a great flick! When I saw it again recently I realized there was so much more to it than then dancing romance between the costars.

      Good catch on GOT. I’ll be starting my second go-round on S3 tonight. 🙂


  3. We have a 20 minute rule in our house; if a film doesn’t grab our attention in that time, we delete it. If one of likes it, it gets saved so they can watch it in their own time. Life’t too short to watch bad movies!

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    • I used to feel guilty about giving up on a movie, or a book, but between my old-age-induced failure to concentrate (or is it just a sense of “times-a-wastin’?”) and my increasingly critical views of entertainment in general, I was suddenly able to accept that I really don’t owe these people anything–it is they who must work for ME. (Or not. It really doesn’t matter.) All I have is Netflix, now, so I’ve been serial binge-watching. I skip over episodes in a heartbeat. And my “continue watching” list has grown and is more like a monument to things-Roy-didn’t-like.

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    • Jane, that’s a good rule. I don’t give movies much more time than that if they don’t grab me. Last night I watched Forever Mine all the way through, though it wasn’t that good, because I really like Ray Liotta. But I probably could have found something better pretty easily.

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  4. Get out! is a great movie. Whenever I see One Fine Day, Silver Linings Playbook, or Hail Caesar! , l stop and watch part of it.

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  5. Speaking of Prime, I’m thinking about starting Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which just got 2 GGs. Speaking of bingeing, I’m currently through 4 of the 5 seasons of Orange Is The New Black – I highly recommend it !

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