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I like Twitter. There I said it, not that I’m getting paid (or am opposed to getting paid, hey). Since I’ve always had my finger on the pulse, more or less, I had a Twitter account straightaway, along with my Usenutters, where we tweeped what we ate for lunch and such. That was when you got 140 chars, no pics, no fancies. Boring! We quickly moved on to blogging and I eventually closed that account.

Years passed and Twitter seemed to turn into a wasteland of pr0n and politics, so I had no interest in it. But then one of my friends said there were poetry corners with lots of cool poets hanging out and doing flash stuffs, so I poked my head in again. And it was true ~ not just poetry, but prompts and wordgames and art and kitties and otters and all sorts of neato things. I made a new account.

Then I learned you were supposed to promote your writing via Twitter, so I created additional accounts for my ‘nyms, each dedicated to ginning up interest in my books, and x-tweeted with the other ‘nyms… ugh, exhausting. Not to mention, it didn’t help anything. My tweets immediately sank into the tweepy abyss, never to be seen again. Didn’t help if I “hearted” and retweeted other writers’ promos ~ everyone does that. Writing is hugely incestuous and it’s hard to break out of that cycle. Writers who achieve any meaningful success immediately lose their motivation to help lesser writers, and why not? They need to focus on writing their next successful book or else they’ll die. And they’ll probably die anyway. That’s just how it is. Note how successful people have zillions of followers but only follow a few, and this is true across all social media.

Anyway, this isn’t a whine about how I’m not going to write any more so there wah wah. I’ll always write because I’m a writer. But I’ll still bitch about various things, since I’m a bitch. Hehe. I came here to say that I like Twitter and I love blogging, which I plan to do more of, in lieu of so much st00pid, pointless Facebooking. Gah. What a waste of time and energy. Reading Twitter poetry is inspiring; writing on FB gets me warmed up to write in general. FB should be an afterthought, not something I reflexively look at before anything else.

I see so many friends complain about FB, on FB itself, which couldn’t care less, and I have to say… blogs are free. Get over here on WordPress (who isn’t paying me, but again I’m not opposed), get a blog, and choose your own design. It’s so nice to write a whole essay, post pics, control comments, know who visits, easily search for past stuff, etc. I highly recommend it. And if you don’t feel like writing? You can post a silly meme or Hallmark platitude on your blog same as anywhere else.

Think about it. Why gripe about FB and do nothing when there’s a solution right here?

Oh, Instagram. It’s become irritating as well, now that they’ve screwed it up and made it non-chronological so the paid accounts get priority. I haven’t been checking in as much and may unfollow everyone but my actual friends. That’s probably a good idea. I’ve also simply lost interest in photos somewhat. There are so many and okay gorgeous flowers adorable kitties oh looook OTTER and awww a baby and a puppy ooh hot fireman and some cupcakes yummm now more kitties okay… can I be done NO THERE ARE 72 million moar you have not seen omg.

Just get a blog, people, FFS. It’s not that hard.

8 responses to “Regarding Social Media

  1. yeah, that’s what I’m doing/do, but it’s just not the same (using my blog) as it was on FB. so much less interaction. but, still it’s what I’m gonna keep doing.

    I heart twitter, too.

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    • Agreed, but I find the interaction on fb mostly superficial or aggressive anyway. Lots of people just do drive-by likes or throwaway comments. Or they wanna pick fights. Not all, but a lot. I feel my blog comments are more sincere.

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  2. I love the idea of you blogging more because I always enjoy what you write.

    I don’t personally want to go back to blogging. I’ve had two blogs in the past, and prefer my blogging days to remain there.

    I’m looking forward to reading your bloggery!

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  3. I got a Twitter account once, looked at it for about half an hour and then abandon it. My total lack of participation in it has worked to my advantage because now when Trump tweets something, I’m certain he’s not talking to me, which is a huge relief. I do like Instagram, though, but I’m sure I’m not using it like you’re supposed to. Facebook is just one of those incomprehensibly stupid things foisted upon us that has managed to push enough buttons so that it appeals to our human nature in some perverted way and will not go away, but I fundamentally hate it. I’m pretty sure if I wrote what I really wanted, you know, in complete sentences and everything, everyone I know except a very small elite group would sort of wander off to richer Facebook territory, like you said with the cats and all.
    So, I’m with you. I’m glad you are not giving up on your blog. I still have mine, and even though I only post once a month, I’ll keep it and maybe even post more.

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    • FB is doing more to keep us engaged on the site 24/7, while at the same time becoming more irritating daily. It’s a paradox, but a deliberate one, I’m sure. Forex, the way that they fuck with the newsfeed, which everyone complains about, doesn’t actually drive anyone away, as you might suspect, but instead keeps us there refreshing and bitching to each other how annoyed we are. All those posts where we commiserate on FB about FB means simply more time we’re giving to FB. That’s a win for them. And a loss for us where we could be doing anything else… all those 5 minute breaks 20 times a day add up. (And that’s low-balling it.)

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  4. You know, Paula, I was already following this sage advice, or at least trying to!
    To pat myself on the back tangentially to your thoughts here, I’m not as surprised as some in the mainstream media seem to be in acknowledging that FB (and twitter and any number of other platforms one could name, including WP) is a BUSINESS. That means its main goal, no matter how much Zuckerberg and Sandberg (two of my least favorite Jews or pseudo-Jews BTW) might have tried to sell it recently as something more benign, is to make a PROFIT..
    We are both just so far ahead of our time, and maybe even ahead of the next generation since most of the MSM look like they’re in that age group!
    PS How was the baby shower? Any pix you can forward?

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