It’s been an age since I’ve blarghed, though I’ve had plenty of ideas… they tend to loop around in my mind without ever making it to the page, eventually sinking down into the sludge of abandoned dreams. Who’s to say what causes one notion to blossom into a concept that demands my full attention? It’s a mystery!

I feel this writing lull is temporary and soon you, my dear and faithful readers, will be able to gorge on a sumptuous buffet of glorious essays and blissful pomes rather than these meager snippets, bites, and crumbs I’ve been parceling out like a blarghy Scrooge. You’ve been so saintly to continue to hang in there with me and I appreciate you all. ❤

Please let me know in comments what you’re up to during these jolly holidays. Traveling, baking, immersing yourself in a lit’ry or other masterpiece? Just working and/or hanging with your peeps? I can relate to that.


The Daily Prompt: Relate

9 responses to “Promptsoup

  1. “sludge of abandoned dreams”

    Great line. Love it.

    Regards, Michael P McNamara Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Tom and Sophie are coming home! 3 out of 4 is not too bad.

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  3. Early Christmas due to my son going out of town–we had dinner here during which I was presented with a new hot-air popcorn popper! I love it, and I’m never eating normal, unpopped corn again. Otherwise, I’m fighting off a particularly nasty virus but I think I have wrestled it to the ground, where I may lie for a little while.

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  4. Michael ~ thanks, love it!

    Elizabeth ~ 3/4ths, great!

    Roy ~ raw corn, never my fave, lol… hope you feel better!

    Me ~ just working, playing games, hanging with fave peeps & furballs!


  5. Cripes…”dazzle me” is a bit intimidating for a pedestrian blogger or blaugher such as myself! However the holidays loom, I am out of time for anything other than just drawing breath but..I enjoyed this post and your one ofn “fuzzy atheism”.. Nice!

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  6. Just starting about 11 days off — some mine, some theirs — and am going to be the most worthless human ever, except for the Christmas day doings with various chunks of the family who happen to be in the area. I plan to write. I always do. Plan, not write. We’ll see how it goes…

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