Most vehicular honking is stupid and pointless. People are just expressing outrage for a fait accompli. They’re mad that someone cut them off, so they honk. They’re frustrated that traffic isn’t moving, so they honk. This temper tantrum does nothing except create unnecessary noise and annoy me. The purpose of honking is supposed to be to warn someone to prevent a dangerous situation, not to express your childish feelings. It’s okay to tap your horn to remind someone to move if they’re distracted with their phone or radio. I’ve done that and vice versa. Don’t get me started on alarms.


The Daily Prompt: Honk

2 responses to “Honk

  1. What really annoys me is all the random beeps in parking lots as people lock their cars with their remote key fobs so they can make a noise, but only after THEY are several yards away and YOU are the one who happens to be walking right past their car.
    Furthermore, as a frequent pedestrian, I noticed something else–when I hear one person honking at another about some petty driving transgression that I am completely unaware of because I am on foot, my first assumption is that it is the honker, not the honkee, who is the asshole. Every time.

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