Sometimes it’s hard not to succumb to mainstream groupthink, even for me, but I try to remember I’ve always been a quiet rebel, from early on. I don’t look like a rebel, and I appear to fit in, but I don’t agree with many things the majority does. Still, I also don’t feel a need to make a big deal about it either. It’s easier these days with more people not following traditional paths. I’m lucky to be around now, in southern California, and not have pesky relatives bugging me. My friends tend to be a little quirky as well.


The Daily Prompt: Succumb


3 responses to “Succumb

  1. It’s pretty easy for me to align myself with something someone I care about feels strongly toward, at least until I learn enough about it to be able to form my own opinion on it. Once I’ve done that, though, there’s little chance I’ll change. Gotta provide enough data from a reputable source to sway me after that.

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    • I’ve become very interested in what makes people form their opinions, finally, and how and why they do it. Every politician would love to learn how to make people change their opinions, once formed. I think maybe it’s not “enough data” that will sway you, but that maybe overwhelming data would be required at that point. Which is another say of saying it’s very difficult.

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      • It is an interesting topic. I’ve read articles explaining why people do NOT change their convictions in spite of being shown solid evidence to the contrary.

        It can happen when there is an emotional incentive, though. Birth of a child, for example. Getting shot at. Having a heart attack. Or, in my case, becoming part of a community, making friends with, etc. people whose lives demonstrate something counter to what I had previously believed on an intellectual basis. The proof became real. It became important. It made me reevaluate. I could then “see” the other logic.


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