I’m trying to memorize a lot of facts for the Notary Public exam next week. It used to be easier to study when my brain had less stuff in it. I have to shove things out to make room for the new, and I’m not sure what’s being discarded, but when I need to know 17 squared or the capital of Wyoming, then I’ll find out. This is the fifth time I’ve taken the test, but I tend to forget what I don’t need the minute it’s over. I’m not too nervous, but I’ll over-study anyway. Please wish me luck!


The Daily Prompt: Memorize

9 responses to “Memorize

  1. Good luck! I’m currently taking a college-level course in insurance, and it’s rather passive (just reading, no regular classes) but at least there are quizzes in the book. Thinking and actually writing on paper with a pen seem to help.

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  2. Relax. You’ll do fine. If not, your life will go on.

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  3. You can also throw out all algebraic formulas, the names of Columbus’ ships, and the lyrics to The Brady Bunch theme song. Good luck! You’ll surely pass with flying colors.

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  4. FYI: 17 squared is 289

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  5. Good luck! I’ll be in charge of the name of the Jetson’s maid.

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  6. G-O-O-D L-U-C-K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you’ll do great! =)

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  7. All the best for your exam!!!


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