The prompt the otter day was carousel, a lovely word, but I had nothing. Twice before I poasted pomes with carousel and I was tapped out. Years ago I took relevant pics, but I had no time to hunt them down. For whatever reason, the word bounced around in my brainpain throughout the day. Maybe it was the associated music, plus the colorful horsies. Idk. I couldn’t stop thinking about carousels… then I remembered an old Mad Men episode where Don Draper was demonstrating a photo carousel. That was a very moving ep, as I recall. I loved that show until it JTS’d, which for me was around the time he left his wife and she married that creepy politician. Things just got too crazy after that. Plus didn’t it take them over a year to come up with a new season at some point? I lost interest.

Anyway. Thinking about Don Draper naturally led me to the word carouse, which I decided must be related to carousel. Well, isn’t it obvious? But that isn’t the case at all! In fact, I had totally the wrong idea about carouse, which is shocking after all my years of romance novel reading. I assumed it meant a wild night of partying and causing trouble in the streets, being loud, probably making obscene suggestions to women, etc. But no. It basically means a drinking spree. You can be doing the partying, but that’s secondary to the drinking.

1550s, from Middle French carousser “drink, quaff, swill,” from German gar aus “quite out,” from gar austrinken ; trink garaus “to drink up entirely.” Frequently also as an adverb in early English usage ( to drink carouse).

Huh. Well, anyway. I looked up carousel too, which was as expected. I didn’t know the origin though, which is interesting.

“merry-go-round,” 1670s, earlier “playful tournament of knights in chariots or on horseback” (1640s), from French carrousel “a tilting match,” from Italian carusiello, possibly from carro “chariot,” from Latin carrus (see car ).

These quotes are from dictionary-dot-com.

Carousel cake


4 responses to “Wordy-Go-Round

  1. Your word made me try to determine the age I was when I went from liking the carousel to thinking I should like it, but finding it not for me. An “is that all there is” Peggy Lee kind of thing. Not that I am for the scary rides. Let’s just say amusement parks were never a destination selected by myself or my husband. When I did like it, I am not sure I liked the motion of the ride or the music, but more examining the different creatures that were part of the ride. They always had a bench or two on the ride. I wonder if that was an early nod to people with mobility issues. If you could get up the 8″ to the platform, you didn’t have to climb onto a horse or fish depending on how whimsical your carrousel was. Looking back I am not sure I ever did like it, but my memory is not always reliable on such matters.

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    • I loved all the rides back when, everything. I sought out the thrilliest ones. Now? I can’t go on anything jerky because of my neck, and somewhere along the way I’ve developed a fear of heights. So, basically the ONLY ride I can go on is the carousel! 🙂


  2. Here’s the right paste:

    Behold, a design for that wedding cake you never had

    But please tell me you didn’t miss the series finale of Mad Men.

    Classic Coke.


  3. I can’t figure out how to delete this misdirected comment using my smartfoon. If you can do it on yer end, please do. Thanks.


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