BOGO, Baby

You know you’re old when…

You get excited about the drugstore’s BOGO sale on vitamins and supplements. Used to be that BOGO’s got my attention when they were about cute shooze or yummy cupcakes or lacy lingerie or sparkly doodads, but how far we’ve come from all that nonsense.

A friend recommended the lipo-flavonoid supplement for my inner ear issues, and I found the CVS equivalent on BOGO day. I also found zinc, which was recommended for the same issue, and turmeric pills, for achies. A while back, I bought a vat of turmeric spice, on the advice of other friends, with the intention of adding some to all my foods, but it made everything inedible. I like my food to be yummy ~ it’s one of the last few pleasures I have, besides reading. I sound just like my father! Hey, how about that New York Times, greatest paper on earth, eh? (Inside joke, that no one gets but me.)

I made a lovely omelet: eggs, perfectly beaten; shredded cheese; veggies, etc. Sprinkled in salt, pepper, a tsp. of turmeric. Cooked it all up perfectly. It looked beautiful… and it was totally awful, not edible. I tossed the entire thing in the trash. Anyone need a giant bottle of turmeric? Come ‘n’ get it! Anyway, now I have it in pill form, hurrah.

My kitchen counter definitely looks like grandma central, which doesn’t bother me at all. I find myself embracing my elderliness, rather than fighting it. Why fight? Stressful, not to mention expensive. Besides, being old is the perfect excuse for not doing anything. I’m old, I’m tired, I’m staying home. Who can argue with that?


The Daily Prompt: Edible


5 responses to “BOGO, Baby

  1. Yeah, turmeric does not taste good, so don’t put so much in it adds flavor. Also, use with pepper in food to bring out its medicinal qualities (not as much pepper as turmeric). If you can stand staining everything yellow, add some to, say, a muscle balm and put on aching joints. Doing that helped me get sleep when my frozen shoulder was at its most painful. You can tell I’m your age, can’t you. 😛

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  2. “Embracing my elderliness.” OMG, I’m dying. 😂😂😂😂

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  3. A little turmeric and some pepper mixed in helps make it more edible. I sprinkle it on salads, a bit. Mostly I just fill little gel caps with my turmeric/pepper mix. That’s a PITA, but I didn’t feel right buying the pills when I have all this turmeric sitting here. Anyway, now I swallow my turmeric/pepper as pills too.

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    • Ooh, I could do that when my pills run out! Do those little gel caps come in different colors? How FUN! I could make wee little bottles of them for gifts too. I have so much turmeric, my gawd.


  4. Yes, turmeric is fucking awful, tolerable really only in capsule form. Blergh.

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