Tick Tock

It’s after 9pm and I’ve accomplished nothing tonight.

Well, that’s not precisely true. I spent time calling and emailing peeps in attempts to fix mistakes and figure out confuzzling stuff. But there’s so much more. I feel completely stressed out by all the things. I haven’t written any poetry lately, though I’ve scribbled down ideas when I’ve thought of them. That’s not the same though, a couple words here and there. You lose the mood, the feeling, the gestalt of the piece.

I didn’t do much over the long weekend because I didn’t feel well. But that’s not really true either. I cleaned a bunch, hung out with friends, watched fireworks, crossed a lot of items off my list. I keep adding stuff to the list though! I’ve been reading a good book (Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life), but I wasted some hours watching bad movies too. 😦

It seems as though all these electronic time-savers just gobble up more and more time. I long for the days of the checkbook and pencil ~ I am officially old now. So many of my hours are eaten up by “helpful” technology, a sparkly illusion of convenience. No, I’m not giving any of it up or asking for advice; I’m just complaining, right here on my laptop connected to the internet. It’s what I do.

I have a million tabs open up there… mostly poetry sites I want to check out, maybe to submit stuff, or to get ideas, or whatever. They’ve been open for days, maybe a week. But I’m not looking at them tonight ~ I’m too tired now. W10 wants to update again, but I can’t let it cuz I’d have to close the tabs. These tabs, and the whole North Korea problem… it’s all making me very anxious.

Happy belated 4th (USA readers), day late, dollar short.


The Daily Prompt: Illusion


4 responses to “Tick Tock

  1. Honestly, your weekend sounds way more productive than most. 🙂 I know I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the TV. However, that time means I’m almost done knitting the housewarming gift for a friend. You are so right about the illusion, though: Technology helps us, we believe, only to discover it steals from us, too. Such a time suck but I refuse to live without it. I’m an addict, I guess.

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  2. I built rat bait stations!

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  3. I’m not sure if all this technology makes us more productive–I kind of think not–or even if productivity isn’t overrated in a perverse way–seems like it is–but I’m pretty certain that none of it is making any of us any happier.

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  4. You covered a profusion of topics in this post, m’dear. Sounds like me when my brain is so full, and racing in so many directions, I have to write stuff down before it bursts apart and causes a huge, splattery mess. You too? 😊

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