Regarding Yelling

I’ve become very spoiled lately, living alone and leading such a quiet life, despite having a very vocal kitteh. The more time passes, the more I find I can’t tolerate any loudness. Perhaps it has something to do with the tinnitus (as discussed); or perhaps it’s just that I’m in the habit of indulging my own preferences only… and they run to the white noise varieties. During my childhood, my parents argued frequently and were in the habit of yelling at each other to the point where it seemed that violence was imminent (though it rarely ever came to that), and this was often scary for a little kid, though one does get used to things. However, one also gets used to the absence of such.

Nothing gets me in a bad mood faster than sustained bursts of noise. I find I’m unable to focus on anything else. Raised, angry voices literally make me cringe in fear, even if they have nothing to do with me. Saturday afternoon a group of young men appeared to be having an argument in the parking lot of my apartment complex, and I was scared to go out to my car. It was silly, but I began to worry they’d start physically fighting, even though there was no sign of this. I thought it could happen. They were nowhere near my car, but even so, I stayed inside for a while until they quieted down, and I was slightly late for my meeting ~ because I was afraid of nothing really.

Ironically, my meeting was in a public place, and it was loud there too, which eventually put me in a grumpy mood for a while until the crowd thinned out and the noise volume lowered. Geez, I’m such a crabby old lady now. Guess what? IDGAF about that. I like what I like… and more importantly, I dislike what I dislike.



The Daily Prompt:Β Cringe


10 responses to “Regarding Yelling

  1. “Get off my lawn!”

    Same childhood, same apprehensions.

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  2. I like noise at concerts only!

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  3. Step father and mom would binge on gallons of cheap white wine and step dad would verbally abuse mom, getting her screeching in her own defense. I developed an intense hatred of him. I wasn’t a little kid though. Started when I was about 11 and while I cried at first, alone in my bedroom, I started getting mad instead in short order. A lot of my virulent responses on Usenet stem from that time.

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  4. My parents fought with my dad yelling and my mom giving everyone the silent treatment. I was more afraid of my mother’s mood than my father’s. She would make me cringe. At least with Dad, you knew how HE felt. I still prefer yellers for that reason.

    But what I really came here to say is “Thank you”, Paule. I have borrowed your inspiration to do some blogging of my own with the Daily Prompt.

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  5. *Paula
    I have no idea where that e came from.


  6. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  7. So, is there a middle ground somewhere?
    Also, sorry to hear about your tinnitus but very happy to hear you now have a SIL. I assume he passed whatever tests you may have administered, and that your former spouse is now totally out of the picture. In the small amount of cyber stalking I did, looks like he is a very accomplished young man. Maybe those two are a potential power couple in the making?

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    • Thank you! They make a lovely couple. As you know, Los Angeles is further away from here than it seems, so we don’t spend that much time together, but I hope to see them again soon.

      As far as middle ground for noise, it depends on the state of my head. Some days I’m not as sensitive as others. There are times I walk into a noisy venue and turn right around and leave. Other times, I can stand it for a few hours. Some Saturday mornings the leaf blowers drive me so insane I leave my apt; other times I just shut the windows, put on music, and it’s fine. I think when I’m getting a migraine my hearing is more acute. Which is weird, considering that my head is full of the rushing noise as is.


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