Stuck in the Meddle with You

I don’t like to meddle, or even give advice really. I don’t know anything! But most people lurve to give advice… omg how they will tell you what you should do if you give them half a chance. Even if you don’t ask, they’ll tell you. Even if you obviously have it way more together than they do, they won’t hesitate to explain how you could do better. That’s just the way people are, or at least the ones I’ve encountered. I guess that’s a topic for another poast ~ the kinds of people who gravitate toward me. Yes.

But we’re here today to discuss meddling, since that’s the WOTD.

I’ve tried so hard to stay out of other people’s stuffs and yet… and yet… I know so much about other people’s stuffs. How did this happen? Why do people confide in me so often? It’s one of the biggest ironies of my life. Probably because I don’t meddle or even judge really. Why would I judge anyone, since I’ve made so many mistakes? I just sit there and listen, wondering why I’m so trusted, which is probably why. Weird!

It’s hard not to feel like you’ve meddled, even when you’ve only listened and agreed with what the person wanted to do all along. My standard “advice” is just hey don’t do what I’ve done, which is silly really since I’m not that bad off, I suppose. Sort of. Depending on your definitions. Whatever!


The Daily Prompt: Meddle


7 responses to “Stuck in the Meddle with You

  1. “I just sit there and listen, wondering why I’m so trusted, which is probably why.”

    It’s exactly why.


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  2. If I were you, I wouldn’t take advice on poasts from WOTD! {Insert appropriate winky emoji here.}

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  3. This post resonates with me 🙂

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  4. I try not to meddle, which can come off as aloofness at times. (I hate people, ya know?)

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  5. If you listen and keep your bazoo shut, peeps will tell you stuffs you really don’t want to know about them. Moar than giving unwanted and unsolicited advice, peeps lurve to talk about themselves.

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  6. The key is to listen silently and carefully, then to give the piece of advice only once! This would work so much better if the people I feel entitled to give the advice to would voice their problem or complaint ONE TIME ONLY! Unfortunately, whiners and complainers like to repeat themselves!

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