On Being Wrong

I recently experienced a revelation: the relief of being wrong.

How so, you ask?

Sometimes it’s a burden to continually reestablish a position I’ve staked out. I like to believe I’m a unique snowflake (no, not *that* kind of snowflake) and come up with my very own unique ideas. Naturally I will have supporting arguments, however oddball. Since I present my case logically, I will get supporters; or perhaps peeps were already inclined to agree. In any case, as time passes, doubt creeps in… what if the majority had it right all along? Oh drat. Boring!

At that point, holding on to my position becomes stressful, since it becomes a game of cognitive dissonance. I’m telling myself I’m right because I’ve invested in the idea; yet my current data is coming in opposite to that, which I must ignore. Suddenly, boom! I decide not to ignore the new data and abandon the position instead.

What follows? Relief! A feeling of peacefulness.

Nope, it doesn’t matter what the idea was, though you are free to guess. You’ll probably be wrong however. 🙂

(This in no way concedes that all my weird ideas are wrong, just one. Or possibly two.)


The Daily Prompt: Revelation

6 responses to “On Being Wrong

  1. You finally figured out that bananas are hideous. Congrats.

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  2. Yay! I agree! Learning you’re wrong, accepting it, and moving on IS a relief. Such a relief that I like to imagine I’m wrong from the start. Cuz who doesn’t like feel-goods?

    No just kidding on that. I’m an arrogant son of a bitch. Well, not “son” precisely. And my mommy isn’t a bitch. But you get the idea.

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  3. “cognitive dissonance”; like Trump supporters. And, well, like the big Cheeto himself.
    There is a power in allowing yourself to release what is wrong. Or whom. (Who?)

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  4. No one likes to be caught being wrong. I find as I grow older, I’ve applied most of my acquired wisdom to keeping my mouth shut rather than actually being right.

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  5. I only stand my ground when I know for absolutely certain that I’m right. Unicornian Math, for instance. Otherwise, I never get “invested” in anything. I have no problem whatsoever with being wrong about stuff. I’d rather find that out ASAP.

    Other people I know? Like my former best friend, for instance — or my father? Yikes. They will never *ever* admit they were wrong about anything. Sick puppies. Very sad.


  6. It’s especially disconcerting when my child proves me wrong 😀


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