Approaching Lavender

I adore every shade of purple, from lavender to plum. When I was nine and we moved to New Jersey, my mother indulged my love for purple by finding beautiful violet-flowered wallpaper for my new bedroom and creating a Barbie house to match. She painted an accent wall for my room a medium violet and it was fab. I don’t have photos unfortunately; we weren’t into snapping pics of everything so much back in those days, except on vacations. It’s too bad about no pics of the Barbie house especially, since that truly was a masterpiece with different rooms and a guest cottage for cousin Skipper.

I’ve always wanted to love the scent of lavender, but sadly I hate it. I do love this song by Gordon Lightfoot however.

The Daily Prompt: Purple


9 responses to “Approaching Lavender

  1. Thank you for that. I love lavender and I love Gordon Lightfoot. ❤

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  2. Mmmm… Delightful post about a love and a memory topped with a great song!

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  3. I’ve never liked the scent of lavender much, either. So many heroes and heroines in Regencies smell of lavender, and I was very disappointed the first time I smelled it.

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  4. I guess I’m not into the more subtle smells. I’m more honeysuckle, coffee, bacon frying, stuff like that. Anyway when I was a kid, any time anyone asked me my favorite color, I always enthusiastically responded with red. Not sure why, except I have a theory that I sensed the approval of people around me when I said red.

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    • I prefer food smells to flower smells also. Cinnamon, coconut, etc. Flowers have to be superfresh for me to enjoy… once they go slightly off, they make me feel dizzy and sick. And some I can’t stand at all. Fave colors vary… for a while now it’s been turquoise.


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