Games People Play

I’ve been thinking of doing a themed playlist: songs about games. Help me out in comments with moar tuneful ideas… card games, board games, sp0rts, etc.!

1. Games People Play ~ Alan Parsons Project

2. Mind Games ~ John Lennon

3. Head Games ~ Foreigner

4. Games without Frontiers ~ Peter Gabriel

5. I Lost on Jeopardy ~ Weird Al

6. One Night in Bangkok ~ Murray Head (about chess)

7. Centerfield ~ John Fogerty

8. Boys of Summer ~ Don Henley

9. The Gambler ~ Kenny Rogers

10. Solitaire ~ The Carpenters (love their version best… check out this great vid!)



6 responses to “Games People Play

  1. Space Invader — (instrumental)


  2. Here are some songs you might have missed ๐Ÿ˜‰

    TICKET TO RIDE (The game was named after the song)

    THE BOXER (S & G)

    PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM (Written and sung by Elton John it was about the professional tennis team named the Philadelphia Freedoms)

    ENDLESS LOVE (Possibly describing two blind people playing tennis)


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  3. The Winner Takes It All–ABBA


  4. Better late than never with these possible additions?
    Kung Fu Fighting?
    That’s the Name of the Game, another ABBA tune?

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