Regarding Elegance

People have described me in many different ways (some not fit for print), but no one would call me elegant ~ and I’m OK with that.



This isn’t because I dislike elegance ~ quite the contrary. Elegance holds great appeal for me in many ways. First, I love math and logic, both of which, at their best, are often beautifully elegant. There’s nothing more intellectually satisfying than to work out a complex equation by discovering a clean, lean, streamlined solution. Elegance!

Second, the pure aesthetics of clean and simple design also turn me on. I adore a bold artistic statement of monochromatic décor with a splash of contrasting color. The uncluttered ivory bedroom with a single red rose in a crystal vase on the dresser is the height of elegance ~ gorgeous. Remember when it was all the rage to B&W-ify your photos and add back one accent of color? Loved that elegant look.

Third, I totally admire the olden days of elegant dress. James Bond in a tux is the ultimate male, sipping champagne in the casino and then slipping out back to slit someone’s throat. He adjusts his cuffs and returns to baccarat, white shirt pristine and every hair in place. Same goes for his female counterpart in her long black gown with diamond stud earrings and ruby lipstick that never gets smudged.

But I am not that woman. If I ever get fancy in an elegant black gown with lovely black heels and my hair done just so, then I will fling on  a sequined rainbow shawl, wheeeeee! And my lipstick will get smudged right away on a cupcake or from using my teeth to open the plastic wrapper on a new deck of cards or from smooching a kitteh, who will proceed to shed half its furs on the dress.

Sometimes I start to write an elegant poem, but it always dissolves into something silly. I can write angry and/or sad and stay with those emotions, but whenever I catch myself trying to be elegant I can’t resist tossing a handful of glitter in the air.

It’s not my fault ~ I’m just made that way.


The Daily Prompt: Elegant

14 responses to “Regarding Elegance

  1. Well I think your writing about writing is quite elegant, and promising to not take me to dine on cupcakes with The Queen (since I eat the frosting last, and with my fingers) shows your taste in situations is elegant as well.

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  2. I love the simplicity with the splash of color.

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  3. Maybe the correct way to look at it is that you are more than elegant. Simply elegant people are kind of boring after awhile. No?

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  4. Cathy: thanks! (and lol)

    Norma: it’s so appealing.

    Roy: sometimes… unless they have that aura of mystery. Bond isn’t boring!


  5. Glitter is much more fun!☺🐾🐾

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  6. Ha! This reminds me of an odd thing someone said to me the other day at an open house…I was just sitting in the front hall, greeting people as they came in, and a woman stopped, looked me over in a way that I have come to associate with nothing good happening next, and then informed me, “You look like a prince receiving your subjects.” I was like…um…kthx, I guess?

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  7. Great picture and post! (poast)

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  8. I ❤️ this post. To me, the epitome of self-confidence and, more importantly, self-acceptance, is acknowledging and being okay what you aren’t as well as what you are.

    But for the record? I’ve always thought of you as elegant.

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  9. Thanks, Phil and Peggy!


  10. More is more!


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