Moon Times Two


My dreams come alive in darkness, jingling with the music of the spheres. A rainbow rushes through the night sky, dives off a cliff, and spreads out on moonlit sand. My thoughts swirl and whirl like a crystal kaleidoscope; they float and drift like a party of balloons. They’re hard kisses and slow whispers. A rumbled voice and a taste of whisky. Dream selves run to the water’s edge, letting the foam tickle their feet until the sun’s eye opens. Violet to pink to blue. Wisps of clouds linger like cotton candy.

The dreams dissolve like sugar in the ocean.


At Your Door

The miles between us
Melted as the sun rose
Then set yet again.
The hum of empty roads
Soothed me.
A soft blanket of dark
The steady moon.
But my wild heart leapt
As I stood dressed to spec
White lace like a bride
A blindfold slipped o’er eyes.
Silk-gloved hand poised
At your door.


These pomes can be found in my book Going Dark, which you should buy, if you haven’t already. If you have, you are awesome, and I thank you. 🙂


The Daily Prompt: Moon

5 responses to “Moon Times Two

  1. Wonderful imagery. I want a dream like that!

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  2. I buy all your poetry — quite like it, which if you know anything about me at all is a MAJOR accomplishment. I’ve had this one since Feb 2015…waiting for more, while we’re on the subject.

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