Devilish Fun

Devil 2015

Last Halloween a bunch of friends and I went to a murder mystery dinner and it was SUPER FUN! I came up with my own costume idea, from a song, and if you don’t get it you’re too young, so pffft. Unfortunately you can’t see my shoes in this pic, but trust me they are awesome… red glittery things, sort of like what Dorothy might have worn in Oz. I created my crazy Christmas elf costume around them too. Even though I have no plans yet, I want to design my own Halloween costume again this year, not buy one pre-made (boring!), and I might brainstorm ideas with peeps next week at a crafts meetup because my motto is…

It’s Never Too Soon To Start Thinking About Halloween!


The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!

12 responses to “Devilish Fun

  1. Wow!!

    You look good in that dress!!

    And Mitch would be so proud! =)

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  2. Abso. Cute dress, great red gams!

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  3. Thanks for the ear worm!

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  5. I have been informed by my youngest darling daughter that my “motto” is not a motto and merely a sentence. It needs to be mottofied (geddit?).

    Possibilities: 1. Always Be Haunting! 2. Halloween AF!

    Kids. Waddayagonnado?


  6. Yay for one of the absolute greatest energetic songs.

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  7. Of course it’s a motto. Wiki explains it perfectly:

    I would edit it to “It’s Never Too Soon Think About Halloween!” for the sake of space on your blazon. Which, to give it more mottoness, you could translate into Latin as Cogita de suus nunquam turpis nimis cito!

    or in French:
    Jamais trop tôt pour penser à Halloween!

    All errors the responsibility of Google Translate.

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  8. “to think” obv. Stupid comments.


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