Skimming the Surface

I like working. I like jumping into an all-consuming project where the hours just fly by and I forget about lunch, forget to check my phone for messages, and 5:30 comes before I even realize it. I’m not one of those Monday haters. In fact, work saved me, not just financially, but emotionally when I went through all my crises of the past 15 years. It’s been my rock. But I didn’t realize I missed working full-time until I began again. When I stayed home with the kids and la-la’d around, skimming the surface of the days, I thought I liked my life that way. But I prefer working, having a place to go every day, and a reason to get up and get ready in the mornings. Several years ago, when I was first divorced, I met a man online who lived far away. For whatever reason, he fell for me and offered the possibility of a future where I could be with him and no longer had to work. That held no appeal. It seemed a regression to a superficial life, where I sit at the table and see what’s on the surface, but am not allowed to look beneath… and who knows what lurks under there. Despite everything, I’m happy now. That may seem a surprise, since I complain a lot, but that’s what bloggery is for. I can’t very well go on and on about hey it’s a nice day and nothing went wrong, the sky’s blue, and I don’t have a headache. I’d lose my 12 fans!

This isn’t what I meant to write. I was thinking to say something about how I’ve been skimming the surface of a lot of books lately and not finishing them, which is why new ones aren’t appearing as fast on the sidebar there (unless I get halfway I don’t think it’s fair to say I read it/star it). I have no idea what happened, but I guess we’ll go with this. My 15 year workaversary is coming up at the end of the month, so it feels appropriate.


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9 responses to “Skimming the Surface

  1. Navel glazing?

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  2. Even though I work from home, I can’t imagine not working, either. I think a life of not working is easier to fathom for people who can travel, and who like to travel. Since I’m limited by inner ear disease to places I can drive, which is fun but takes forever, my picture of what I would do if I “retired” is pretty bleak. Though I might enjoy volunteering more than I’m reliably able to do now.

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  3. I totally lose track of time, too, oy, when I jump into a tangent and begin developing everything needed to make a project work well. It’s the same kind of joy I used to get from working for other people. With none of the drawbacks. Well, except one, maybe. But it’s a different kind of drawback. $Zero. But that eventually always turns into cash. I’ve learned to adjust to that penniless period. It wasn’t easy. Yikes. Understatement. But it’s well worth it. To moi, anyway. I cherish freedom way more than security. Naturally, I’d prefer both. However, since each and every one of our days eventually all run out, I take that into serious consideration. Either way, it’s all good. I loved all of my jobs in my life. That’s just how I am. I even liked the low-paying ones. Because I always dug in and gave it my all. You seem the same as me in that regard. We both hate wasting precious time. We make the best of everything. Or try to, anyway. Because it’s the smart thing to do. And fun. And responsible.

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  4. You simply skimmed the surface of skimming the surface. πŸ™‚


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