Click Me

It’s been so long
Since I
Felt that click
Of desire,
That quick flush
Of blood, the rush
Of fire, the thrum
Of need, the craving
To feed
On lust and love
In an ouroboros spiral—
Sating only creating
More of the same
Hunger in me and
You in me over again
Never to end, only sleep
And feed and touch
And breathe deep—
Desire rush and
Flush and thrum
With need so strong
It’s been
Too long.


This was written for another prompt long ago and is included in my poetry collection Depth Perception.


The Daily Prompt: Craving

3 responses to “Click Me

  1. Click Me! I was unable to resist. It has been too long.


  2. Lovely style of writing! Good work on the prompt. 😃


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