Two for Tuesday ~ Driving Dreams

I’ve had two disturbing vehicle-related dreams since I bought my car in early January. The first dream occurred a few weeks ago. I was driving Sweet Caroline with one of my exes sitting very close to me. Really close. In fact, he was squashing me up against the driver’s door to the point where it became hard for me to steer. But I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to make him angry. Or interrupt him while he was jabbering away about something or other. But I ended up driving off a cliff. I gasped and then he noticed what had happened. He told me not to panic but to steer to the right and there were definitely things we could do to mitigate this unfortunate circumstance if we kept clear heads and used logic. Blah blah blah blah. He was still talking when I woke up.

I don’t know if that’s true. Should you steer to the right if you drive off a cliff? LOL

The second dream occurred last week. I was with this same ex and this time we were in his pickup truck. He was driving, yet even so he was somehow again sitting so close to me that I was squashed up against the door, this time the passenger door. He had the passenger window all the way down and locked in place, and he kept circling past this group of three dogs, stopping so they could jump up in my face, snapping and snarling. They hated me and wanted to kill me. I was so scared and asked him to please move over so I could get away from the window, but he wouldn’t. For whatever reason, I didn’t ask him to quit driving near the dogs. Finally, after doing this repeatedly with the dogs able to get closer to me each time, he opened the door and pushed me out on the ground to be attacked and killed. Then I woke up.

What’s weird is that I hardly ever, if ever, dreamt about this ex at all until now. Nothing memorable either. Something about the new car is triggering something about him? Idk. I do think and talk about him sometimes, as I think and talk about my exes generally, for life-clarification purposes, mostly to myself. Talking to yourself is a sign of genius, yo! I read it on the internutz somewhere.

An interesting thing that only just occurred to me is that since I moved to California my car pattern has been like so: blue Alliance, beige Stanza, blue Camry, beige Camry, blue Camry, beige Corolla. Huh. This must mean something!

Dream interpreters, fire away!


8 responses to “Two for Tuesday ~ Driving Dreams

  1. 1. That ex looooooved to hear himself talk and absolutely KNEW that everyone else loved to hear him talk too. (They didn’t, but that was unfathomable to him.)
    2. He thought he had the answer to everything, and was never wrong.
    3. He was a bully who got joy from scaring you.
    4. He picked you apart and found fault with everything you did. Thus, he may not have approved of the car you picked out.
    5. That was all recorded in your neurons and last night they got together for a dance.

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  2. The ex has somehow become the symbol to represent the thoughts/experiences/memories related to the stresses you’re undergoing right now.

    It’s odd to me that I rarely dream about the men currently in my life. When I have memorable dreams, they always seem to involve either total strangers, or my ex being annoying in the ways he could be when we were together (he wasn’t *always* annoying, but my dreams focus on those behaviors of his). I’ll dream about my kids, too, but as they were when they were small, not as they are now. In those dreams, I usually need to help/rescue/protect them for some reason. Sometimes it’s not my kids, but some random small child I end up with, needing to care for it and find its family. Or a small animal. I call those my “baby dreams.” I used to have them regularly a few days before the onset of my menses and I still have them with that sort of periodicity to them, although I don’t menstruate any more.

    When I do dream about cars and driving, it’s me driving, usually by myself, and I almost always end up on a curving mountain road where I lose brakes or control and go shooting through the barrier at one curve and out into the air. My thought is almost always, “Oh shit. I really fucked up now.” And I always wake up right around then.

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  3. Well, I have taken a dream analysis course, which of course makes me an expert. Based on what I know about your current situation, I would say these dreams are a way to confirm that you are now solidly in control of your own life, after giving up that control earlier in your relationship(s) which are still hanging on and trying to maintain crowd you out of your safety zone/box, and, even if you drive yourself off a cliff, you don’t need to follow anyone else’s directions. Sounds good to me. What about you, Paula?

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    • I wrote my poast around 10 days ago, and I’m pleased to report that I haven’t had another dream in this category. I think I was scared to buy a car by myself for the first time, and it conjured up a lot of thoughts of the ex. But it turned out fine and all is good. I can do things!

      Both my mother and the ex encouraged me to feel that I could not do anything without their help, that I was totally incompetent, and that I needed them at all times. Obviously untrue, but those feelings persisted for years, and ghosts of those feelings still come around from time to time.


  4. I just bought a car, and I know the whole thing is fraught with meaning, as I traded both my old car and my wife’s old car, together, to get this new car. It was somewhat of a practical matter, but to me, a car always represented freedom and independence–I don’t know if that is a universal notion, at least in our culture, here/now, or just me. Then just add the stress of the car buying process and the normally semi-confrontational relationship between buyer and sleazy plaid jacketed slime ball car salesman and you have the classic recipe for angst.
    I hope you got a good deal!

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    • Congrats! I didn’t need to see the sleazy plaid guy because I used a broker. That’s what my daughter did and her deal worked out great, so I used her same contact. They get the best price in the area and the car is delivered to your door with no hassle. I was terrified of going into the dealer alone and having to negotiate with those guys.

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      • I’ve heard of that, but never heard how it worked. That sounds great. And, truth be told, my salesman was OK. The only negative side to the process was I was there from 12:30 until after 6 and my blood sugar level was dropping toward the end, and I was forced to eat a bag of cheese Doritos from the vending machine. Mmm. I know.

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      • Heh. I can’t recommend the broker highly enough. She was perfect for my situation. One, because she totally eliminated the anxiety of dealing with a pushy salesman. Two, because I could easily check online for the pricing and features anyway, so I knew I got a good deal. Three, because I didn’t have to take any time off from work!


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