Ziggy Stardust and Coconut Cake

My first exposure to David Bowie happened when I was 14, babysitting for the neighbors. I’d been sick for a while… I was sick a lot. I put the kids to bed and turned on the TV. Got a piece of homemade coconut cake that the mom had made. There was a concert on… weird guy, dressed so crazy, singing such awesome stuff. I didn’t know then that I was watching the Ziggy persona… all I knew was that this was sofa king cool. The music, the hair, the eyes, the makeup, the costume! It took me the whole concert to finish the piece of cake in miniscule bites because I hadn’t eaten in so long, even though it was incredibly delicious. From then on, whenever I hear a Bowie tune the taste/smell memory of coconut cake flashes in my head. Maybe that’s why I love him so much.

Plus he’s just so damn great. Hard to pick a fave. Space Oddity. Young Americans. Let’s Dance. Modern Love. China Girl. Changes. Rebel Rebel. Jean Genie. All The Young Dudes. The Man Who Sold The World. The music he wrote for LabyrinthAnd of course Under Pressure with Freddie Mercury (another R&R giant whom I adore). I think maybe that one is my favorite.

I just ordered Bowie’s last album Blackstar, which won’t be in stock until the 17th. Can’t wait to listen. I vowed not to buy things I don’t need this year, but I do need this.

RIP David Bowie.



9 responses to “Ziggy Stardust and Coconut Cake

  1. Oh God!
    Thank you Paula.


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  2. Forgot Suffragette City. Love.

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  3. Suffragette City!!!! I freaking loved him. I remember hearing that he was going to be on The Midnight Special, which I skipped when there was nobody I wanted to see, and I tuned in. I wanted the entire show to be Bowie!!


  4. A genius. Transcendent.

    And here we go deeper into that age when the hero icons of our youth stop moving and fade into still lifes in cheap plastic frames nailed to the walls of our mental first apartment.

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  5. As I said on another chunk of the interwebs — I cannot tell you how much I despised him when I first ran across him. And I cannot tell you how much I grew to like and respect him as our lives went along. Wouldn’t have called that one. We grew up together in a way, although I had to manage with no perceptable talents and not nearly the spark and light. The change of my perspective on him pretty well sums up a lot of things in my life — so far. As you’ll hear about a bazillion times over the next bit, he was one of a kind, and he’ll be missed.

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  6. Bowie was awesome.

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