Infused Water

Back in the day, my mom sometimes cut up a lemon and put it in water, no big deal. There wasn’t even a name for it. We didn’t call it lemon water or anything but water. Jump forward several decades and sticking stuff in water has become a culty fad. Which I have assiduously avoided because I hate leaping into the latest nuttery. But! I need to drink more water. I’m terrible at staying hydrated, which may contribute to my migraine problems, especially during the night. And, let’s face it, water is boring.

So, I cut up a lime and stuck it in a pitcher of water. Then I tossed in some mint and sliced cucumber ~ OMG IS THIS EVER YUMMY! I’m going to take a thing of it on my hike today. Yes, I am going on a hike. A friend is dragging me out of the house and into the wilds of Crystal Cove. I hope there are no bears or snakes. I’ll take my camera to document my demise.

Whatever happens, I’ll have my infused water.



10 responses to “Infused Water

  1. You should also take a thing of candy beans, if you have a spare thing.

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  2. I remember in the 80’s, being at an expensive, poorly lit restaurant, and almost spitting out the water. It was my first lemonized water experience. To this day, i have to remember to ask for no lemon. I love water flavored water, coffee flavored coffee, and cheesecake flavored cheesecake. I also resist trends. My chiropractor told me, just before the flurry of gluten free, that wheat aggravates inflammation. Not being a big bread/pasta/etc fan anyway, I avoid it. Heaven forbid someone think i’m gluten free. However, one thing I was deprived of for years in my resistance of trends, was the delightful Harry Potter experience. Glad I jumped on board for that one finally

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    • I remember being in a cheap, harshly lit roadside diner in, of all places, the town of Sweet Springs, Missouri, where the water they brought you was so bad you could smell it first, as you brought the glass to your lips, which was lucky if you listened to that tiny inner voice because the water tasted so incredibly bad. It’s hard to describe. No amount of greenery could have helped it. It made me long for the good old days of my youth, on the farm where hog urine seeped through the ground into the well water. I just made that up.

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  3. You can do the same thing with vodka, and get even more enjoyable results.

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  4. I love cucumber water, esp on a hot hot day and the water is in a clean glass pitcher and iced down. Very refreshing. Not so big on putting citrus into my water. Only a teensy bit, and not squeezed and defs seed-free if you’re going to do it. A rind of orange, maybe. A limoncello-thin shaving of lemon peel, sure. A teensy wedge of key lime, possibly. But only just so it looks nice.

    Mint, not so good. I likes my muddled mints in mojitos with all the sassy sugary lime and white rum, but not just sprigs of mint in plain ol’ water.

    Like Eliska, I prefer my water water-flavored. I like my coffee sugary and light with fatty cream, but not with hazelnut or vanilla or whatever. If I want flavor, I’ll go with a mocha.

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  5. I heard that this is not always a great idea in restaurants because the citrus is not always washed. I surprised I have not already been killed by food poisoning.

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  6. I also resist trends and am glad because I almost read a Harry Potter book once and, after trying out the first few chapters, was relieved to find it easy to put back down and never look at again.

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