Romance, Realistic and Otterwise

So, I went to B&N the other day and checked out the romance novel section. As usual, the emphasis was on cowboys, dukes, and vampires. Just look at these guys ~ aren’t they to die for?


I think I’ve made it clear how I feel about vampire romances (puke) and I have similar sentiments toward the cowboy subgenre.


I remember a time when it was a thing to feature a Native American hero, but I don’t see much of that anymore. Often he’d be half-white, so he could float back into society and pass as an English gentleman or wotever. Probably that’s all way too racist now, so writers stay away from it.

However the duke will always be with us! Not a fat, gouty, nasty old man, but a young handsome studmuffin. Often, he’ll pose as a pirate or highwayman for some convoluted reason and end up kidnapping our heroine by mistake. But it’ll get sorted out after loads of misunderstandings, no worries. I confess that I am partial to the ducal romances.


Hey, how’d that viscount sneak in there?

Here’s a new thing ~ the Realistic Romance section. What could that possibly mean? Well, let’s check it out…


Ah, these would be the firemen, bikers, and billionaires. Much more realistic. I mean, vampires don’t even exist, ffs, but firemen sure do. And also 30 year old billionaires, natch. Who wouldn’t want to nab one of those ruthless dudes and his Lamborghini too? And motorcycle gang members, yummy. Just like on Sons of Anarchy, except with a happy ending.

For whatever reason, I’ve been gravitating more to mysteries lately. And poetry. But it was fun to cruise the romance aisle for old time’s sake.


9 responses to “Romance, Realistic and Otterwise

  1. “So, I went to B&N the other day and checked out the romance novel section. As usual, the emphasis was on cowboys, dukes, and vampires. Just look at these guys ~ aren’t they to die for?”. Seems like an appropriate statement as vampires are usually considered to be part of the undead.

    Interesting thing to note about vampire romance novels. It also remains a popular genre with many guys.

    A female vampire is a type of a female fatale, (an attractive and seductive woman or a woman with mysterious power over men, esp. one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her. See also seductresses, temptresses, sirens, enchantresses, succubae, and the biblical Eve).

    That’s my two cents for today!

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  2. I’m always amused by the apparent prevalence of early death in the English nobility, resulting in virile young men taking high titles. That same guy is going to have to die at the age of forty so his son can be a duke and kidnap some unsuspecting wench.

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  3. What the fuck is a Rebound Vampire?

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  4. The vampire in Being Human is delicious! But that’s a tv series…I don’t read romance much mainly cause it makes me feel cross that I haven’t got a handsome duke.

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  5. Eloisa James and Julia Quinn are two of my preferred authors. They usually write pretty decent stories. But, yeah, what’s with all the dukes? There aren’t that many in English society. I don’t like it. And they can always make anything happen at the snap of their fingers because they’re dukes, after all. Next to royalty. BORING. I’ve begun to ignore every title that has duke in it.

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    • Heh. I know what you mean. Though I AM partial to the dukes (over vampires and cowboys anyway). Lately I’ve been more into suspense/mystery type books. Most have a big dollop of romance/sex anyway.


  6. I eagerly await the end of the alpha-shifter-billionaire-stepbrother phase on Amazon.

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